Have a lump from a bad fall, could it be cancer??

Hi There, I fell flat on my breasts four weeks ago and badly winded myself. My right breast immediately bruised and I was in quite a bit of pain. Visited my Doctor the following week as I had found a lump in my right breast just to the side of my nipple. The doctor explained that this could be dried blood as a result from the fall. Have went to the doctor 3 times since and on the 3rd visited which was last Thursday she referred me to the breast clinic at my local hospital. Today I received a call from the Hospital asking me to attend this Friday at 0945hrs. I have mixed emotions as I know that I had a fall and more than likely the lump is due to my fall but on the other hand I am a bit worried that they may find something else and I also hope that I am not wasting their time as I know there will be other ladies there that will have cancer. My husband is keeping very upbeat about the whole thing, but I have to say I am slightly worried and frightened of what to expect. I know come Thursday I will be a bundle of nerves.

I fell down some stairs a few years back and where the bruise was and even months after the bruise had gone there was a lump under the skin, so much so they checked to make sure it wasn’t a DVT. It turned out just to be bruised tissue under the skin. Hope this helps.

Thanks jules 1964 I am going with an open mind and I will try not to worry.

Hi Juliea

Welcome to the forums, please feel free to call our helpline on 0808 800 6000 for a chat to one of our specialist nurses which may help you to manage over the next few days. The line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Juliea,

I was in a car crash and had a bruise across my left breast where the seat belt had restrained me, 3 months later I noticed a lump in the same place, I know it wasnt there about 18 months before because I’d had a mamo because I was worried about a lump in the other breast which turned out to be nothing. I was diagnosed with a 5cm grade 3 tumour which has already spread to my lymph nodes, I had a full course of treatment and that was 3 years ago and I now feel fit and healthy again, I quizzed every specialist I saw as to wether they thought the accident could have started the cancer as I had no family history, was 37, breastfed my children, not overweight, didnt smoke, didnt drink excessively, excerised regularly and everyone said there was no clinical evidence to support that theory so was never any the clearer.

The main thing is that your getting it checked out and hopefully put your mind at rest, good luck for Friday.


Hi Juliea,

Here is my story… I was diagnosed (Dec '07). Three weeks prior to that I fell down the stairs (our new Cocker Spaniel puppy) decided to get in between my legs and I completely lost my footing. I managed to bang my head on the way down, landed on the bottom of the stairs and then knocked myself unconscious. I went to the local A&E department and told there wasn’t any permanent damage, to take it easy for a couple of days and take pain killers when needed. A week later I started to get some pain in my chest (breast area), but thought that it was due to the fall and that it would pass. On the third day of having this pain, I decided to go to my GP who felt my breast and said that it felt hard and that he thought it was an infection and nothing to do with the fall. He carried on to say that there wasn’t a definite lump and as my breast was very painful (usually breast cancer isn’t painful), he didn’t think it was anything more serious than an infection. Whilst writing out the prescription for antibiotics, my GP then decided to send me for a follow-up hospital appointment and further tests. I was absolutely astounded when I was officially diagnosed with BC a few days later - I had convinced myself that because of the pain, I either had a cyst or an infection as my GP had orginally diagnosed. I asked the consultant who told me that I had BC, how come I was told that if it was painful, it wouldn’t be serious - my consultant said that he thought that when I fell down the stairs, I must have traumatised the tumour and caused it to be painful, so I guess I have to thank my Cocker Spaniel because without the fall down the stairs, it seems as though my tumour was going along quite nicely and that the fall caused it to become painful and for me then to go to see my GP. Best wishes for Thursday, Jacqui

Hi Juliea

I finished my BC treatment just over a year ago, prior to finding my lump I had received no obvious trauma to that particular breast.

Just after my Mastectomy I was bitten on my other boob, it funnily enough happened a few days before being seen by my oncologist for my post op results. I mentioned it to my Onc & BCN and asked was this likely to be a problem in the future, ie was I more likely to get BC in my remaining breast, but they were adamant that research has not proven that an injury increases the risk of BC occuring. To be honest I think they thought I meant a bite from a midge/gnat, when my BCN examined my breast she could not believe the damage caused. What I failed to mention was that it was a dog bite, I had stepped between two of our working dogs mid fight and one of them thought I was another dog and turned and flew at me, being short my boob was at the right height for the dog to bite! My boob was totally black and had wounds from the teeth top and bottom. Even with this damage my Onc & BCN still felt that I was at no more of a risk than anyone else!

I think the bruising took about 3 months to totally disappear and I was left with a hard lump about the size of my hand cupped, this remained for nearly 6 months and I was informed by my BCN & Onc that this was a haematoma (a collection of blood under the skin). I have since had my first post treatment mammogram and all was fine even though you could still feel the scarring under the skin.

So fingers crossed you will get the all clear to.

Good luck for your appointement.


Thank you everyone for your help and support. It is a real comfort to me knowing that people I have never met can offer such great support and comfort. I will go to my appointment on Friday with a clear and open mind, and I will of course let you all know how I get on. Thanks and Good luck to all you wonderful ladies out there.

Good luck with your appointment - and whatever you might think you are not wasting anyone’s time.

Not long to go now until I go to my appointment tomorrow. I have to say that it has actually crept up on me very quickly though I did get the phonecall on Tuesday from the BC to come on Thursday (today), but couldn’t make it today as my 11 year old son has been waiting for a year to visit the orthodondest for his first appointment to get braces fixed. Was quite surprised when the BC then asked me to come on Friday (tomorrow). Was slightly concerned that I received my appointment via my mobile and not by letter and that it was so soon, was beginning to think that maybe my GP had put something on the letter to the hospital. Really I should be thankful as I can see that a lot of you ladies have to wait a week or two. I have mixed emotions at the moment, and I have to say that I am not too anxoius. I think mainly it is because I know I had a fall and the lump arrived after that, but I am a bit concerned that they might find something else. Oh well at least by tomorrow I might be a bit wiser. We are going to our Caravan for the weekend (we being my husband, and two sons - Cameron who is 11 and Matthew who is 3). Our Caravan is in Annalong which is just outside Newcastle, Co. Down in Northern Ireland. For those of you that have never visited it is a beautiful peaceful area just at the foot of the Mourne Mountains, so plenty of fresh air and hopefully a bit of sunshine. Sorry I am rambling on a bit - well I shall go now as I am sitting in work and really should be working. Good luck to anyone who has an appointment at the BC today, tomorrow or anytime in the future. I will keep my fingers, toes and anything else crossed for you all.

Good luck for tomorrow Julie, please let us know how you get on. I too have everything crossed for you. I hope you come back to tell us that you have had good news and will then be able to go off and enjoy your weekend break with your family with peace of mind. Jacqui x

Hi Everyone, Sorry I haven’t been back sooner to update you all on my appointment on Friday. Thankfully the angels were looking down on me and it is good news. It appears that I have two lumps one about 1cm and the other 2.5cm both are as a result of my fall a few weeks back and they are not cancerous. I have to say that it was quite nerve wrecking waiting at the clinic on my results but the wait was worthwhile. There were quite a few ladies there that did not get the good news I received and I have been thinking about them over the weekend. I want to thank you all for your support and wish you all well for the future. Take care everyone. Julieanne xxxx