Have had hair coloured!

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I finished chemo on 8th August and as I had Epi/CMF my hair has been growing since mid May. I was told not to colour my hair for 6 months, but is that 6 months after my hair starts to come back or 6 months after ALL chemo? Anyway decided could not live with the Bobby Ball/Jeremy Clarkson look any longer, so rang my hairdresser. She came round last week to do a skin test and then came back last night with her magic box. I needed a HUGE glass of wine as I was convinced it would either go green or fall out, but I’m delighted to say it did neither. I am now sporting a snazzy caramel coloured funky crop and am delighted, so to all you ladies who are thinking of colouring your hair I would say that, as long as you have a skin test, you should GO FOR IT! All I need now is a fringe as it’s about 2 inches all over and I’m not liking the ‘startled’ look lol (some people are just never satisfied are they).

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Julie xxxxxxxxx

I look forward to having mine done, not long enough yet have just got a bit of fuzz but waiting in anticipation …

Diane x

There are also some natural products around as well that you can safely colour your hair with - not sure of the exact names as I don’t colour my hair but a friend of mine who used to be a hairdresser (and had b.c.) said they are perfectly safe to use.


Just thought I would bring this thread up, as I too am wondering when it is safe to colour your hair after chemo. I finished chemo 7th Feb and just finished rads 13th May. My hair is now about 2 inch long and a rather dull grey/silver. Was thinking of going blond like Annie Lennox! Any advice would be most welcome.

Janet xx

Hi Janet

I have added the link to a Breast Cancer Care publication called ‘Breast cancer and hair loss’ which you may find helpful to read, it contains advice about colouring your hair after treatments:


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