Have hope! My secondaries have gone : )

I had secondaries in my liver, left lung and spine and had to abandon plans to have eggs harvested (am 39 and childless) as I had to start chemo immediately, eg within days.
I had 4 EC chemo’s and the secondaries have all but gone!!! What relief. I am very pleased to have responded so well to treatment.
One more chemo next week but reduced dose as the side effects of last one were so difficult they are trying to give me an easier time before surgery first week in Nov.
So, keep your chins up and think positive, togther we can get through this.

Wow Marniecat

Congratulations, I am sure you are completely gobsmacked but ecstatic. That is wonderful news for you and also gives us all hope for the future. That is something I would LOVE to be told, so least I know that there is hope out there.

Good luck with your last chemo, and let us know how ur op goes.


This is great news Marniecat - can we have some more information please? I am having my second Doxeltaxol & Herceptin next week and am desperately in need of hope for the future.


Fantastic news Marnie-well done!

Patricia-I’ve had 6 cycles of taxotere/herceptin and have had good reponse, with the tumours in the liver shrinking by over 50%. Still work to be done, but it’s going in the right direction. Good luck to you with the rest of your treatment.


I also have liver mets. Ive had 6 cycles of fec (may-sept 07). Im on tamoxifen now and have just had a ct scan are there is no sign of the 2 tumours in my liver.

I would like to wish everybody good luck with their treatmentxxxxx

Fantastic news,
congratulations, Are you out celebrating?


Love Debsxxx

Congrats to you both. It’s always good to hear of successful treatments, it makes all the cr@p of chemo worth it! I’ve just finished 6 xFEC and had a good response, now onto Femara (with a chemically induced menopause - great!) and hope the good response continues.
Well done again!

Nicky x

Fantastic news, so so pleased for you! I have bone mets (diagnosed in Sept 07) and had the results of my six monthly follow-up scan…all clear still! So I know how fab you feel! :slight_smile:

Lots of love

Tish xxx

Congratulations for all who have whupped this thing. My deepest respect to you and I hope that we all manage to do the same.


Fantastic news!! What surgery are you having? Thats a real positive story, amazing!

Beli x

Hi Marniecat

I was also wondering what surgery you were having? In UK its very unusual for anyone diagnosed at Stage 4 to have breast surgery…the original breast lump is sort of used as a ‘benchmark’ for what the cancer is doing in the body generally. I know in the US some surgeons are beginning to operate on the basis that this can reduce the tumour load…so would be really interested to know (this didn’t happen to me but I have several friends diagnosed at stage 4 who haven’t had breast surgery.)

Really pleased your tumours have responded so well to the first chemotherapy…have you also been having a biophosphonate for your bones? Really hope you can stay in this stable position as long as possible…I know how hard it is living with uncertainty of when and where there’s going to be a change.

So sorry yuu had to abandon plans to have eggs harvested

best wishes


Hi Marniecat…what a great response you’ve had from your chemo…as Jane has mentioned in her post I’m one of those who haven’t had surgery…although I know ideas, thoughts, on whether to remove the primary or not have changed since my own diagnosis in 2003. My primary has been a useful indication as to whether a treatment’s working but I think if I’d had the option on first being diagnosed I would have wanted it removed. Good Luck with your surgery…I hope all goes well…Belinda…x.

So please to hear your news. In repsone to Belinda and Janes comments I was diagnosed stage 4 from the beginning -fractured hip. I had my hip repaired, started on hormonal treatment, then 12 weks later I had a mastectomy and ALC (2/16 Nodes affected) I have remained on hormonal treatment and thankfully thinks appear stable at present II am glad I was offered breast surgery and wish it was offered more readily.

Just done a bit of a google search on recent resaerch and there is some fascinating stuff on whether surgery for Stage 4 diagnosed breast cancers improves length of time till death. Some studies suggest it does, others indictae where surgery appears to improve survival benefits it may in fact be because of other factors (site of mets.er status etc.) This seems to be an area where thinking is changing…but nothing conclusive. Stage 4 is after all stage 4 and not within the present state of knowledge generally curable…though of course treatable and some people are living much longer than in the past.


Hi ot2walk…yes me too!..I was diagnosed with a fractured hip, stage 4 from the start. I had a very succesful hip replacement. I had nearly 5 years of good responses to hormonals and have now had my first lot of chemo.
Very Best Wishes…Belinda…x

Hi Marniecat,
I’ve also got secondaries in lymphs,liver,lung and spine.Had the Tax which shrunk liver tumours down.Been on Xeloda for two weeks now and my breast tumour(which was huge)has gone right down and so have the lymph glands under my arm and neck.Just waiting for scans so hope the Xeloda has worked on my liver and lung too.
I’m also wondering if you are having a mastectomy?
Take care,
Alli x

oh you give us all hope and that is what we need.

so much good luck to you and all of us


Alli …that sounds great news after just 2 weeks of Xeloda! Belinda…x

Hi Belinda. I have read your comments many times and they have given me hope many times!! I have been on hormonal treatment for 18mnts but I hope and pray I have a good and long response like yourself and many of the other ladies. Keep posting and hope this finds you well.