have i got beast cancer

Hi all!
My names Vanessa I’m 22 years old, my nan died of cancer a few weeks ago. I was getting ready to go to her funeral, and i had a little pain in my left breast, I thought it was something to do with my period because i came on a week early (which has never happen). Then later on that day i noticed a tiny lump when rubbing across my beast were it hurts. To cut a long story short its only 3weeks later and its bigger and still hurts (over a pea size). I feel stupid for even signing up for this just in case its nothing. I spoke to my best friend and she said you don’t get pain if its breast cancer i just need to know if this is true. I’m booking a doctors appointment tomorrow. Ive only been holding it off because of missing work as I’m on a work trial at a new job.

Thank you all so much for your replies, you don’t no how much they’ve helped. Ive been to the doctors (wish i had seen the replies before hand), she just said its probably a cyst that’s whys its hurting. And not to worry, come back in a month if it still hurts and she will give me some antibiotics. But if it getS bigger she will refer me to the clinic. Now I’m just dying for the month to pass, I’m praying it will go down.

Well ill keep you updated and again THANK YOU ALL so so much. Ive open my eyes a bit more. And i think sorting this out is more important than most things that are going on right now.

Hi Vanessa

NO lump (in my opinion) is too minor to get checked out, you’re doing the right thing, I can’t comment on the no pain thing but I’m sure there are others on here who will give you some advice, don’t feel stupid, better to be safe than sorry.

Good luck with the doc.

Debbi xx

Hi there Vanessa,
Oh, you are going through the mill at the moment. But you are quite right, you do need to get that lump checked out. Most probably it is nothing at all to worry about, but until you are sure you will worry. And it may well need some treatment anyway, however harmless it is.
Give yourself a hug

Vanessa - so sorry to hear about the loss of your nan. I have always been uner the impression that lumps that hurt are benign but you should definitely see your doctor as soon as possible just to get his professional opinion and to reassure yourself. Let us know what ahppens. With love to you

As Debbie says, every lump should be checked and hopefully it will be nothing. When i had my lump i had pain so its just a myth that if its cancer its not painfull. I am sorry about your nan, and dont worry about your job, this is more important and you will be able to give a big sigh of relief when you know its nothing.
You know we are here, its a freindly place, let us know how you get on. Another thing just because you are young DO NOT let the doctor fob you off!!!

Hi Vanessa as the others have said,get it checked out,better to be safe.When I was 19 I had a lump.which turned out to be a cyst.Sorry to hear about your nan,sounds like you have been having it a bit rough lately.Hope all goes well.

hi vanessa,

so sorrry about your nan, your having a hard time at the mo, from the sounds of it,
well done for coming here and getting advice and for getting an appt sorted tomorrow.
you will have to be very assertive when you go as the DR will tell you, that you are
too young and that bc does not hurt. they will probabley give you antibiotics to see
if it is an infection (could be, try not to think the worst, easier said than done) i am in a similar
postion, i am a bit older (30) and have been told am too young and i am also in alot of pain
i have been referred to the breast clinic, just waiting for my appt. has taken a month to be
referred. i hope you get on okay at your DRs and dont worry about your job trial, just get yourself
checked out. jobs come and go, but your special as there is only one of you!

good luck and let us know how you get on. take care

kellyx (kelbug1)

Have to agree, Vanessa. The chances are that it’s nothing serious but you’re doing the right thing in getting it checked. Let us know how you get on.

God bless.


Hi vanessa
I deliberated for a while over the lump in my breast (or rather just thick tissue) . No pain really just felt different to the other breast. My doctor referred me as she said every woman has the right to get a thorough check . Unfortunately mine was malignant but on the other hand knowing I had a lump and not doing anything about it would have driven me sick with worry. 9 out of 10 biopsies are benign so there is a very good chance its nothing to be worried about. Everyone who has posted here has made that scary first step to go to the doctor. It is frightening but not knowing is often worse .
I truly wish you all the best


Hi Vanessa,

please don’t dismiss the pain…I was diagnosed with a non palpable 2 cm invasive ductal tumour, which neither my local GP nor myself could feel, when I was recalled. It was just found on a normal 3 yrly mammo. I did however, have significant pain shooting down my right arm, just came out of nowhere, like electric shocks. It was only when I had the lumpectomy and sample lymph node removal and found there was cancer that had spread to my armpit, that I realised where the unusual pain came from. Breast cancer rears its ugly head in many disguises, and although pain is not usually synonymous with breast cancer, it does happen, as it did in my case. Unfortunately, I didn’t know enough then to have this pain checked out, and that could have prevented the cancer spreading to my lymph nodes.

I hesitate to suggest this, but what does your “best friend” know about cancer? Has she had bc? Don’t trust to ignorant, although well meaning, other’s opinions…they may mean well, but it is not their life.

I am pleased that you have an appt with your GP to have the lump checked out. Breast cancer does, exceptionally, occur in young women as young as 18 yrs as I have found out in my own clinic.

Be proactive - after all, it is just a 10 minute appt at most with your GP, but at least you will know you have had it checked.

Go for it!


i found my lump in feb this yr, but put it off til march. My dr said it was nothing, prob a cyst, but put it through as breast cancer so i could get it seen to quickly. That was the tue and i was seen by the following mon. I was unlucky but also lucky as it was a grade 1 cancer,which is slow growing and they couldnt understand how i felt it as it was so small, but i found it quick enough. you know your own body so if there are any changes, please dont ever feel daft going to the dr. my friend found a similar thing and she was fine but she just needed to know or it would frighten her more than finding out.

i hope it all goes well, and shall look out for your return to tell us that it was all a period thing

-x- Criggy


Do get your lump checked out as all the others have advised. They do say that a cancerous lump does not hurt, I am sure you have already read on these forums that in some occasions ladies do have pain! So it makes sense to get it checked.

You are acting nice and quickly not sitting around as some of us do… I found my lump in december and did not bother to see my GP for a further 5 months!

Hope you get on ok.



As all the others have said, get it checked out. As for lumps that hurt are not breast cancer, this is not completely true, my lump hurt and I held off because everyone said the exact same thing, so its definitely not a reason to not get it checked out. I’m sure its nothing but its best to play on the safe side and see the doctor. Sorry if this scares you, I don’t mean to, I just want to make sure you go get checked out.

Good luck


Hi, Sorry to bother you all…just need some advice…

Im 29 and have had some discomfort in my right breast for about 3 weeks now. I put it down to lifting to much, as I have two very active children, both under 4.
THe last week or so the pain has been constant and yesterday whilst having a feel around I felt a pea sized hard lump about 5 cm away from my nipple.
I have always had milk coming from both breasts since 2005, so nothing new.
I went to see Dr today who gave me Flucloxacilin antibiotic and said that he thought that it was an infection.
I have had an infection before in the other breast but this lump feels different.
He did tell me to come back 10-14 days after my period, but as you can imagine im worried sick, should i be???

lol xxxx

Hi kilbeyrat

Pain on its own is not normally a sign of breast cancer (although it can be) so it seems sensible for your doctor to treat a painful lump as an infection in the first instance. Given that you have been producing milk for two years a blocked milk duct definitely sounds like a possibility.

The bottom line however is that even a GP cannot know for sure so please make sure you make an appointment for two weeks’ time. If the lump hasn’t gone away or reduced in size by then urge your doctor to make a referral to a breast clinic so you can at least put your mind at rest.

The reason I say this is that my lump was dismissed as ‘probably pregnancy related’ as I discovered it five months after having my daughter. The doctor told me to go away and come back if it ‘started bothering me’. 8 months later it felt noticeably bigger, I got an urgent referral and it was cancer. I’ll never forgive myself - or my GP - for allowing that to happen.

I hope the antibiotics kick in and you notice a difference soon. If not it doesn’t mean it is cancer. There are lots of benign breast conditions that can cause pain/lumps.

Best of luck and please let us know what happens.

Lola x