Have i got cellulitis, ibc or infection???

Hi i have recently developed a painful, pink/red breast which feels warm not hot there is some orange peel skin and a bit of thickening which at times feels softer than others.

I have seen GP and i am now on 2nd lot of antibiotics, also waiting for my appoint with breast surgeeon to be brought forward, was due 14th Jan 09.

I had chemo which finishe in may 08 then lumpectomy followed by an infection and the wound took a while to clear then radiotherapy which finished in sept08.

Sometimes it hurts more than others and also at times the pinkness is less.

I have taken ibuphren which helps too.

Not sure if this is an infection or something more sinister, getting paranoid now!!

Can anyone help, does it sound like cellulitis or IBC ??


Hi Sarah66
I had IBC and it can be mistaken for mastitis which is why they try antibiotics first. With IBC one sign is that the nipple is inverted. I also had stabbing pains in the breast. I think it is a good idea to bring forward the appointment to give you peace of mind even if it is only an infection in the end - always worth having it checked out. Best of luck

Hi Sarah

I think that I & some of the other IBC ladies answered your other post, so might be worth checking that out … but like Penn says, go get checked, and if nothing else get peace of mind

Hi i saw breast dr yesterday who thinks it is a reaction to the radiotherapy, and that he is not worried, i do feel a bit better, breast not so sore and tender, he wil see me in 2 weeks and maybe get onc to have a look if still red.I suppose it can take some people longer to recover etc.

Thank you all for replying and all the best for the future


hi sarah
glad to read it has checked out ok, i was exactly the same, i finished radiotherapy january 08 and was very pink and hot and my nipple was inverted for many months, it till gets hot and a bit swollen and lke orange peel but i developed lypoedema in the breast , just keep your eye on it but the symtons can last for months
have a lovely christmas
galen x