Have I got IBC?

Hi I am really scared. This morning I found a large red ring on my breast. It’s not itchy or any hotter than the other breast, but it doesn’t look like an insect bite to me - it’s not raised in the middle, in fact the middle is the normal white colour of the rest of my breasts.
If this were any other day i would hot foot it to the doctor immediately but I have just gone on holiday to Spain for 2 weeks. Should I just come back now? I am not sure I will be able to stop worrying if I don’t get this checked out. Especially cause I’ve read that IBC spreads really quickly.
I have taken a picture but not sure I can upload it on this site
Please help!
Thank you

Hi Allo and welcome to the BCC forums

If you feel it would help please feel free to call our overseas helpline number whilst you are away on holiday:

(+44) 20 7620 0077

Best wishes

Lucy BCC

Hi, Allo

It doesn’t sound like a symptom of BC to me, but I’m not an expert!
Could you to go a clinic or hospital in Spain to put your mind at rest? It seems a shame to come back from holiday - even if by some chance it were BC, it wouldn’t spread that quickly in a fortnight.
It actually sounds like ringworm.

Annie x

Thanks Annie, that’s really kind of you to reply.

Given the problems with diagnosis and language barrier, I am sure the doctor/pharmacist over here will just say it is an insect bite.
That’s reassuring thought that you think it doesn’t sound like IBC.

Thanks Annie. It’s just that I’ve heard that inflammatory breast cancer spreads far more rapidly than other breast cancers.
Good idea to go to a doctor over here - the problem is that I think IBC is misdiagnosed so much even when there is not a language barrier that I think they will just say it’s an insect bite…hope it is!

I had IBC and my symptoms were a very hard swollen breast and inverted nipple, a spot of redness later on as well but not from when I first noticed it. Hope this helps.

3N3 x

Hi Allo I was 2 days into my holiday on the 20th May when I noticed that I had an indentation and lump in my left breast. Although it was hard to do I put it to the back of my mind and tried to enjoy my holiday which I had looked forward to. I rang my group surgery from Majorca and got an apt for the week I came back and she referred me to the breast clinic. I would definitely not cut my holiday short and I know its hard but try and make the best of your holiday.
Love Maggie