Have I made the right decision?

Hi All,
I am 48 and in July was diagnosed with a 15mm invasive ductual carcinoma and later discovered I also have 5cm of DCIS (grade 3, stage 1) with no lymph node involvement and er/pr postive. I’ve recently had an unsuccessful lumpectomy and I am now waiting on a pct funding for a mastectomy and silicone implant reconstruction with a stratice matrix - which may take up to two months for it to be approved or declined. In the meantime, I have been offered optional chemotherapy which will give me a 2-5% increase. The making of this decision has caused me alot of distress, as the oncologist didn’t offer me much in the way of help or information. However, I finally decided to take up the offer of chemo, yesterday, and I was wondering if anyone else has ever regretted taking chemotherapy due to consequences regarding their health.
I would be grateful for any replies, thank-you. :slight_smile:

Herdy, I’m bumping this for you so it shows in latest posts and gets more responses.
Also I was considered initially to be borderline chemo although after an MRI the tumour was a bit bigger than they thought-after that I definitely wanted chemo. I’ve just had cycle 3 and its been ok so far.
I think chemo is recommended with benefits of 5% or over but ultimately they do leave it to the patient to decide. I know there are other threads about this if you take a look back. Good luck

Hi Sukiem,
Thanks for your kind reply, i wish you the best of luck also.

Hi Herdy_48

How are you? It’s been a long ago you wrote your threat in this forum but I was impresse of the similarity of our cancer stage. I started chemio and I had 2.3 mm invasive ductal carcinoma (grade3 stage IIa). Also my onc asked me if I wanted to do chemio and I wanted to. I sometimes regret my choice but sometimes not. 

Hope to hear from you.