Have i really do have periductal Mastitis

Hi All,
Im new here, here is my long short story… Last month i noticed my left breast swell up and it looked red and was hot to touch … i also grew a size from 34D to 36D overnight as all my bras were too tight. I continued with my days and as a mum of 4 i just did not think through it all. End of August i went to my gp as it kept getting worse with tenderness on my left breast and it hurt to even wear a bra or when my kids jumped to give me a hug. The gp registar immediately made a request at breast clinic for today as she found my armpit glands swollen along with my left breast tenderness. Since 5th august my left arm hurts to raise it near my shoulder and my collar bone (initially thought i must have hurt my arm , still do )
Today, at the clinic i had 2 doctors examine me and i heard them tell left axilla tender. Then the main doctor asked me if i smoked and my answer was NO. He then said you might habe Periductal Mastitis. My last breast fed baby was last year and i stopped in June 17. He has asked me to come back in 6 weeks as he said it should just go away … So well im here anxious and unsettled. He said Periductal mastitis is common in smokers and cant explain how i might have it. He also said the reason why i cant lift my arm and the pain in shoulder and collar bone was due to the glands in my armpit being swollen. Please could anyone help me understand and direct me as i mentioned im a mum of 4 and this is got me frightened… Thank you x

Hi Mrs,

Sorry to hear you have this anxiety. I haven’t heard of your condition, but for most breast changes, there is normally a quite straightforward explanation & the clinic would have seen this before.

It might also be an idea to post in ‘ask our nurses’  HERE who will be able to advise. 

ann x

Thank you Ann xx
i’ve posted the same there but no response yet and its making me every nervous after i spoke to my gp doctor who said sometimes inflammation breast cancer might be easily mistaken for the Mastitis … she said she will request for an ultrasound so least we can be certain which is what…

Hi did you reach a conclusion? I’m in same position now x