have noticed tiny lump in armpit

Hi, am halfway through chemo, done 4xFec and am due to start Tax this Thursday and have noticed I have a tiny lump at the front of my armpit. Have made an appointment to see surgeon who performed my mastectomy in September and cleared all nodes from that side, but can’t see him till Thursday after next chemo. Have spoken to my breast care nurse as am worried and she says it would be very unusual for a reacurrance to appear during chemo and it is very likely to be some sort of scar tissue. Even so, am worried! Has anyone else had similar, tiny lumps or bumps in armpit where nodes have been removed? Has anyone else had secondaries appear during chemo?

Any advice welcome!

Love Louisa xxx

Hi Louisa,

I have a very bumpy area where the nodes were. Mine is scar tissue and I hope that yours is too. You are right though to see the surgeon and seek reassurance.

Margaret x

Thanks Margaret, the lump seems to be at the bottom of a bit of hard vein (think it’s called ‘cording’) anyway, hopefully will be okay, hard not to worry over every little thing! Hope you are well and getting through your treatment okay.

Love Louisa xxx

Hi Louisa,

Yes the hard vein sounds like cording. Did you do all the exercises after the op? Maybe some gentle stretching of the arm will help to get rid of the cording. I had cording for a while and found that exercising the arm and stretching it got rid of it. I am sure your lump is scar tissue. It’s all a right pain isn’t it!

Margaret x

Hi Margaret,

I did do my excercises and have got pretty much normal movement in my arm now. Sometimes feels a bit stiff though. Am due my first Tax on Thursday, have done 4 x Fec and am feeling like this is a long road! Having said that, have been okay during my treatment so far, not too many side-effects.

Maybe will go back to doing my post op stretches for a few days, anyway, will see doc on Thursday after chemo, will let you know what he says.

Thanks for your help and advice. Take care,

love Louisa xxx

Hi Ladies,

Thanks for these comments, I am still quite sore under my following my surgery and was beginning to get a little worried. The comments have helped me pull back and think straight but I will contact the BC nurse just for a further piece of mind.

I have found that the pain and lumpiness appears worst just after a chemo session, funny but when we do step back for a moment we can stop the panic.


ooops thats ‘under my arm!’

Hi Carol,

Hard not worry over every little thing isn’t it? Think it’s good to mention any concerns to nurse tho’ mine have been very helpful and reassuring. Am going for my first Tax tomorrow, have just read thread about reactions to it (Tax) and am more worried than ever! Oh well, have got through Fec really well, so fingers crossed! Hope you are doing well, take care,

Louisa xxx

Hi Margaret and Carol,

Saw my surgeon today after my chemo and he had good look under my arm, and has told me not to worry, just some cording and bumps from severed nerves. Big relief!

Thank you for your support, truthfully have been very worried. Hope you are both feeling well.

Love Louisa xxx

Hi Louisa,

That’s great news. I was thinking about you yesterday. Onwards and upwards!

Margaret x

Hi Louisa

Great news for you I am so pleased. This worry stuff is such a drain on energy levels so I hope you can put this aside now and carry on getting fitter despite the chemo. As Margaret says Onwards and upwards.