Have others been in a similar situation?

Hi, im new here.
I just want to hear others stories that may be simiar to mine and how you coped with it.

I had a car accident and hurt my back. I was in hospital and had to get a CT scan done. They found an incidental finding of a lump in my right breast which they said it to be a cyst as it was well circumscribed. But to get an ulrasound and mammogram done to be sure.

Upon getting the ultrasound and mammogram they told me it was not a cyst and infact was a solid mass which needed a biopsy. A biopsy followed after the mammogram and ulrasound straight away.

A few day on i read the report from the ulrasound which said that the mass was actually ill defined and suggested it be stage 3 malignant neoplasm.

A day later the doctor had called and told me what the ulrasound and mammogram detected which was cancer and said the biopsy results came back as being a fibroaendenoma. Now she pritty much said the biopsy probably didnt get the mass itself or enough evidence of cancer.

I now need to go see a breast surgeon to remove the mass as it could still be potenially cancerous. Im awaiting to hear from the surgeon.

So i guess im just wondering if anyones biopsy came back negative but then still finding out later that it was cancer. Or if anyone has been in a similar situaton.

Thanks in advance. And much love to everyone on here. Stay safe x

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Hello there Becval

Sorry that you’re in this situation and I hope you have at least recovered somewhat from your accident. I can understand how you could be confused when the lump has been provisionally diagnosed as 3 different things.

This is difficult to answer which I think is why you haven’t got a reply and honestly I think you should ring the helpline on Monday if you haven’t already and talk it through with the Nurses . Your Dr is correct in that the biopsy may not have got a representative sample of your breast lump as they do have a habit of moving when the Drs are trying to poke needles and tubes into them.From my own experience I know that they do tell you if they think it’s cancer even if they have to apologise to you later if it turns out that it’s not. That’s how it was put to me anyway - even before my biopsy results came back.

Unfortunately you are now playing the waiting game and there are many posts on here to attest to the fact that this is often the hardest game of all . I would suggest that after you have spoken to the Nurses who will be able to guide you with what to ask you should write a list of questions for the Breast Surgeon - and you should be hearing from them sooner rather than later .

With love
Joanne x

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I had something diagnosed from fine needle aspiration biopsies (7 jabs in all) and I was told it was a fibroadenoma. I had it removed about six months after I found it as I wasn’t bothered as they had said it was benign. After about two months I was told it was in fact cancer. That was in Dec 2003, I had found the lump in June 2003. Core biopsies they do nowadays sample larger amounts of tissue so maybe this would be less likely now.