Have you booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in Bristol?

Booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in Bristol but worried about going alone?



Every year we receive queries from women, including concerns about coming along to the event on their own. Feedback from previous events has said how helpful it was to talk before the event.
This thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the Younger Women Together. I will check in regularly and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


Look forward to meeting you all



Hi Everyone. 


I’m heading down on the Thursday night, due to the longer travel time, if anyone else is there then do let me know and we can maybe meet up then.


Looking forward to it!


Oh - I’m 38, completed Chemo and had a lumpectomy. Rads start the week after this event.





im going down thursday, just to check it’s the double tree Hilton in Bristol right? 

Hi I’m Kerry from West Sussex, yep I will be there Thursday as we’ll so be great if we can meet up.
44, lumpectomy and lymph biopsy, followed by mastectomy and lymph clearance !, chemo as soon as well enough x

Hello, I’m also going down Thursday with 2 others so there should be a good few of us!
My name is actually Criona, wanted to stay anonymous when I set this up when diagnosed!
I’m 41, dx about 11 weeks ago, have had lumpectomy, reexcision, had chemo 1, chemo 2next Tuesday, hoping doesn’t effect weekend, very little side effects from chemo 1…fun doesn’t stop there more surgery after chemo and prob rads too, yeah!
Looking forward to the weekend and meeting you all x

Hello all I’m Jane lucky enough to live in Bristol so will be arriving Friday morning (hopefully after bloods ready for chemo the following Monday) I’m 42 with 2 children diagnosed on 30 Sept having chemo first had first round last Monday. Looking forward to meeting you all. Hope you have a lovely evening on the Thursday xxxx

Hi I’m Sarah 42 and from Cardiff and will be travelling up on the Friday morning . I had triple negative cancer - op, chemo and rads . Looking forward to metting you all :wink:

Hi everyone!


I’m Yvonne, 34, from Edinburgh. I was diagnosed in Jan. I’ve had bilateral mastectomy, chemo & rads. I’m ER+ and BRCA2 so next thing is ovaries & tubes to be removed start of Dec. It’s been a busy year, but my 2 year old has kept me smiling! Really looking forward to meeting you all. I’ll be there Thursday night x

Looking forward to meeting new people but very nervous

I’m nervous too, but can’t wait to chat with people who really understand x

I’m nervous too, but I’m sure it will be so worth it. I’ve been dealing with this carry on for almost a year and only met 3 women close to my age who are in the same situation. While my friends and family are super supportive, I think it makes all the difference to speak to others who really understand what you are going through x

Hi, don’t be nervous girls, have you joined the YBCN (Younger Breast Cancer Network) Facebook group(I know a few of you are), it’s been really great, look it up and join Criona x

I am nervous aswell friends and family have been amazing but am looking forward to being able to speak to women going through the same as me. Thanks Criona I didn’t know about that group will have a look now xx

Hiya. Looking forward to meeting you all. Am travelling from Yeovil - will be there on Friday morning…
Am 41. Had lumpectomy in June followed by 6 x FEC chemotherapy. Starting 4 weeks of radiotherapy the Monday after our get-together x

Hi all, my name is Allie, I live near Petersfield (Hampshire) and am getting there on Thursday. I’m ER+/HER2+ and had lumpectomy in May, IVF in Jun, re-excision in Jun, my last chemo will be next Tues followed by rads. Nervous about attending (and wish we weren’t all in this club) but looking forward to connecting with others :slight_smile: x

Hi all. Im going to this too. Im from Exeter. Going up on Friday morning. I was diagnosed beginning of january 2014 6th. Had chemotherapy high dose which made me physically sick. Had radiotherapy. had two lumpectomys then another two operations then was told needed mastectomy had reconstruction done right away. Had sbothet ooeration after that. Just had my final operation begore my nipple reconstruction. Its nern full on as you can imagine. Eould like to talk to others that feel like I do. Hopegully see you on Friday ladies. Nervous but looking forward to meeting nre ppl. Cheers Caroline

Hiya, I’m coming up on Thursday afternoon with Criona and another friend. Really looking forward to it.
I am 43 and had last chemo 5 days ago so am lacking in energy a bit, and have T aches and awful mouth but hoping to be ok for Thursday. My rads start 4 th Jan because I booked a week away after Christmas and thew a spanner in the works :slight_smile:
Looking forward to seeing everyone

Hi all my name is Bex,:smileyhappy:


I’m looking forward to meeting you all this coming Friday which is I’m sure to be a very helpful and rewarding event. I too wish we weren’t all in this club but we are and knowing we aren’t alone and can share our experiences with each other.

I was diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma breast cancer last November which resulted in a mastectomy, followed by 6 chemo sessions then 15 radiotherapy sessions. The next part for me is reconstruction so I’m keen to explore the options available to me from this event and also the yoga and relaxation!


Have a good week all and see you Friday.


Kindest regards



Hi Shar hope all good with you . Sorry I have only just read your message . I have booked to go by train at 7 am from Cardiff Central - so happy to meet you ?i booked train as wasn’t sure who was going and less stress travel by car - I hope :wink: I know I will be early but was going to go for breakfast somewhere ? You welcome to travel with me or meet up ? here is my mobile just in case I do nit go on to site 07989803223 tc x

Hi, my name is Luisa and I live in Bristol. I am really looking forward to meeting you all. I was 40 when diagnosed with Breast Cancer last December. I have since had 6 rounds of chemo 3 x FEC and 3 X Docetaxel, then a mastectomy in June followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy that finished in September. Still suffer with fatigue. Will be great to talk to others who have gone through this horrendous experience although its great that we are all here and have beaten this awful disease. See you all Friday morning. Xx