Have you booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in Edinburgh?



Booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in Edinburgh  but worried about going alone?


Considering booking a place but not sure?


Every year we receive queries from women, including concerns about coming along to the event on their own. Feedback from previous events has said how helpful it was to talk before the event.
This thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the Younger Women Together. I will check in regularly and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


Look forward to meeting you later in March


I Steph, I’m booked in and have put holidays in the diary, I have had really awful couple of weeks post treatment finishing and returning to work and looking forward to meeting other ladies and making new friends who might understand how I’m feeling. x

Hi, I’ve booked a space too - really looking forward to it and meeting other people insane situation as me. Theresa x

Hi everyone, I’m Lindsay - just out of my eighth and final chemo and like both of you posting already, struggling a bit this week. Really looking forward to meeting everyone at the forum and sharing experiences -it’s perfectly timed for me ( I think!) as I have my surgery the following week. See you all then

I’m Catriona. I’m coming to the event. I finished treatment in January. I’m looking forward to meeting all you other ladies who are going through this same terrible journey and I hope to learn a bit more about it all.

Hi - I am Caroline, I finished my treatment at the end of October, now taking horrid Tamoxifen.  I am lookin forward to meeting some other lovely ladies in same crappy position xx

Hi Ladies,


I’m booked and attending the course. I’m a year post treatment but still going through reconstruction. Outwardly I’m getting on with things great but my biggest area holding me back is the intamacy and socalising with friends again.

I’m releived to be meeting ladies who have gone through treatment and have some understanding of all the issues we are facing. Its not easy speaking to friends and family about this stuff.

Looking forward to meeting you all.


Hi I’m roseann, Im 36 with a 2½ year old boy, Ethan.  My primary diagnosis was triple negative primary breast cancer, and I’m just over a year post treatment, after receiving chemo, mastectomy, and radiotherapy.  Back at work now, and taking back control, trying to get fit.  Im looking forward to meeting all you lovely ladies at the forum, and hope we can all support each other through this horrible disease xxxx

Hi Ladies,

 Im Louise Im booked up for Edinburgh and looking forward to it.I finished my radiotherapy in January so just on tamoxifen now and still have a few sessions of herceptin to go.

Hi Ladies


I’m Kirsty, I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and have undergone my surgery.  I’m looking forward to meeting young woman who are also being effected by this horriable disease.  See you all in Edinburgh next week. :slight_smile: