Have you booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in London this weekend?

Booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in London but worried about going alone?


Every year we receive queries from women, including concerns about coming along to the event on their own. Feedback from previous events has said how helpful it was to talk before the event.


This thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the Younger Women Together. I will check in regularly and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


Look forward to meeting you later this week


Hi Steph, I’m coming to the event from Surrey and thanks for starting this thread.

Hi guys

I’m coming from Hampshire to the event. Will be getting the train from Fleet to Waterloo if anyone else is getting this line??

Kim x

thanks Steph for this thread
I will be travelling on train from Croydon Surrey
SP x

Hi I’m coming from Didcot and am staying at my sisters on Thursday night. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Hi all,


My name is Emma i’m 28 and travelling from Brighton.

I’m looking forward to meeting others in the same boat as me and think it will be a great weekend for us all


yes I am coming from London dagenham essex! xx

Hi, I’m Zoe. I’ll be coming from Basingstoke. Really looking forward to it x

Evening Ladies, looking forward to meeting you all on Friday! 

Mahsa x

Hello Ladies

I’m Tracey and where else would i travel in from but Essex  … looking forward to meeting you all and sharing a nice (large) glass of wine xxx

Hi I am coming from Northampton - looking forward to meeting you lovely ladies for some sharing of experiences! Does anyone know how many are attending?



Just to answer your question, there are 40 women registered on the event.


Best wishes




Tracey, I won’t be sharing a glass of wine with you…I will however share a bottle! :wink:

Hi Tracey and Kim sharing your wine sounds lovely as I sit here in the sunshine - a nice cool rose!


Hi all

I am Vicki and will be coming from Chelmsford - look forward to meeting you all on Friday

Hi everyone cant wait to meet you all and have a good laugh and a bottle or two ;-)!!! I am coming from Harrow NW London so not far! Andrea ybcn xxx

Hey girls,

I’m looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow! I shall not be sharing the wine though as can’t stand the stuff but may have a cider or a vodka :wink: I may just stay on the soft stuff lol but will still have a fantabulous time with all you girlies!!

Lyndsey YBCN x

Tomorrow!!! Looking forward to it… Coming all the way from Manor House, London… It’s a trek being 35 min on the tube!!! Helen YBCN!!

Looks like a lot of wine will be consumed over the next couple of days then :slight_smile: let’s hope this weather stays put!

Kim (also YBCN!) x

I’m already having a packing nightmare. None of my summer clothes fit due to the chemo weight gain! Xx

Zoe - YBCN too!