Have you booked a place on the Younger Women Together event in London 9th and 10th May?

Booked a place on the Younger WomenTogether event in London but worried about going alone?


Every year we receive queries from women, including concerns about coming along to the event on their own. Feedback from previous forums has said how helpful it was to talk  before the event.
This thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the Forum. I will check in regularly and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


Look forward to meeting you in May




I have booked my place and really looking forward to the weekend.

I am 32 diagnosed with TNBC when I was 31 last August. I had 6 x FEC a single MX and now after a delay due to a seroma I started rads yesterday. Oh and I live in Norfolk not sure if anyone else from this area is going?


Not sure what to expect at forum never been to one before, am sure it’ll be much better than work conferences I have been too!!!


Looking forward to meeting you

ScottyB x


Im also going… im 40…Diagnosed TNBC in Oct 13… also had mastectomy and reconstruction. Chemo TC and currently having radiotherapy…in fact my last one is the day before the forum!
ScottyB im in Kingston but did my nurse training at the old N&N in Norwich!

Really looking forward to the weekend.

Natasha x

I’m going!


I’m 42, diagnosed with grade 3 IDC last October, lumpectomy in Nov and have my last chemo next Wednesday so hopefully I will be feeling well enough to come along on Friday - I will be fully steroided up so should have lots of energy before I collapse in a heap on Sunday! 


Look forward to seeing you all there.


Nicky xxx



Oooh excited now there is a few replies on here!

Ah the old N&N one of my chemo nurses did her training there when she first started straight from school!

I too am hoping I dont get too many SEs from Rads but as long as I can stay awake for Fri and Sat and make it home thats all that matters!

I am driving down on the Thursday night and staying with my sister in Highbury just to save me having a major early start on Friday.


Hello, I’m going. I’m 37 and was diagnosed in January. I am currently having chemo (FEC-T), I am half way through, have my 4th one this Friday. I am hoping (I won’t be too tired and feeling ok at the forum!) After the chemo is done, I will be having a mastectomy.


Really looking forward to it and to meeting some ladies in a similar position.


oh and I am from Maidenhead in Berkshire - wondering of anyone else is from around here?


Jo :smileyhappy:

I will be there too. I’m 40 & was diagnosed in June 2013 a few weeks after having my son. I’ve had a mastectomy, chemo & radiotherapy. I’m due to have a diep reconstruction in 5 weeks time.

I live in Ascot, so not too far from Jo.

Really looking forward to the weekend & hope that all of you in the middle of treatment are well enough to make it.

Becks xx

Hello everyone,


Looking forward to meeting you next week.


I am 32. Was diagnosed in Jan 2014 with grade 3/stage 3 invasive lobular cancer. Have since had a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction with node clearance and fertility treatment and am now on my second cycle of FEC-T chemo. 


I live in London and am currently addicted to blueberries.


See you next week and hope you are ok and well enough to attend.


Take care,

Jackie :smileyhappy:



Hi Everyone


I am 43 and was diagnosed with BC in June/July 2011.  I was diagnosed T1, N0, Grade 2 IDC, ER/HR positive.  I had a lumpectomy & radiation… this was a walk in the park compared to the lovely tamoxifen.  I have been experiencing side effects of tamoxifen ever since I started taking it just over two years ago.  I am in a dilemma of whether or not to continue with this drug due to its toxicity.  My oncologist has informed me its entirely up to me. I am hoping that next weeks course will help me make this decision. I think its time to take back control of my life.  


I too like everyone else have no idea what to expect from the forum but I am looking forward to meeting you all and sharing experiences.  It will be good to just talk and be around someone who just understands.


Will keep my fingers crossed for those of you still going through treatment that you are well enough to attend and enjoy the experience.


See you all soon.







I’m 34 and have had various ghastly treatments all year for invasive ductal carcinoma with skin involvement. Have also put on about 13lbs, which is the thing that I find really devastating.

Look forward to meeting everyone. Am a bit nervous about it: have moved back in with my parents, with my kitten, and haven’t been out much recently!

Hi, I was diagnosed aged 38 in August last year with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma and was given FEC-T Chemotherapy followed by Mastectomy and Radiotherapy that ended earlier this month. I’ve been on Tamoxifen since February (after surgery) and I’m due for my follow up check with Oncologist in May and Surgeon in August to discuss DIEP flap reconstruction. It’s been a tough journey so far and finding younger women in a similar situation and with children has been difficult. I’m looking forward to the forum and to meeting you ladies who have also been through or are still going through the trauma of this rotten disease.

See you soon

Kristalea xox

Hi there, I’m 35, live in Horsham, West Sussex and was diagnosed August last year.  I’ve had a lumpectomy, chemo and radiotherapy.  Finished the rads just over a week ago and have been on Tamoxifen for a month.  Starting to feel some of the side effects kick in!


Feeling a little bit nervous about the forum but will be good to meet people who know what you’ve had to go through.


Look forward to meeting everyone!

Emma xx

Hi ladies
Looking forward to meeting you all next week. I’m 36 and was diagnosed when 7 months pregnant early last year (can sympathise with going through treatment with a newborn, Becks!). Had all the various treatments and now waiting for further recon surgery. Am impressed by all those making the effort to come along to the forum whilst still in the throes of treatment - best wishes for decent energy levels for next Fri.
See you soon
Ps Jo, I’m in Marlow

Hello to all the newbies on this thread

In addition to the support you have I just wanted to let you know that we have more services which you may be interested in, you can find out more via this link along with lots of information which I hope you will find helpful:


For further practical and emotional support please call our helpliners on 0808 800 6000, lines are open weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays 10-2

Best wishes
Lucy BCC

Looking forward to meeting everyone next week. I was diagnosed with cancer in both breasts in June last year at the age of 45, so it sounds like I’m the old lady of the group! I had a bilateral mastectomy in July, finished chemo in December and radiotherapy in Feb and am now taking Tamoxifen. Hope those of you still having treatment are all well enough to be there next week

Oh, I’m from Essex. Is there anyone else coming from this area?

Hi everyone,


I am 44 and was diagnosed last July. Had FEC-D chemo, mastectomy & node clearance and just finished radio last week. Still going on Herceptin. Looking forward to the forum and meeting everyone & finding out more about reconstruction in particular & thinking about whether to go for it later this year. Will be coming in from Oxford area. Also looking forward to getting out in London again after months away. 


Have a good week all



Hi Ladies,


I’m Sarah 37, diagnosed IDC in december, finished FEC-T 2 weeks ago and still have the joys of surgery (WLE), rads and tamoxifen to come.

Really looking forward to meeting you all, as yet i’ve not had the opportunity to meet any other younger ladies in a similar position, i’ve not been out much recently due to the dreaded chemo so looking forward to getting out and about with my bald head.

Oh, i’m coming from North London.

See you next week


Hi i’m 29, I was diagnosed last summer with TNBC and have had a wle, 6 months of chemo and a month of radiotherapy. Looking forward to meeting you all at the forum xx

Hi everyone. I’m 44 and live in Tunbridge a Wells. Diagnosed last July with grade 2 IDC, have had WLE, FEC chemo and rads and now on tamoxifen for past 10 weeks. . Really looking to meeting everyone, Karen xx

Hi, I’m 44 (just) and vastly relieved to see I’m not going to be the only 40+ there. I dithered about signing up because of that, despite liking to believe I’m a young 44 :slight_smile:

I was diagnosed in December, single mastectomy in January, lots of post surgical complications so finally started chemo (FEC-T) in March. Reached the halfway point last week. Still waiting to hear if I’ll have radiotherapy but expecting Tamoxifen and hoping to have a recon asap.

We’ve just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. The weekend away really took it out of me but I’m improved now. Not quite how we planned to spend our first year of married life!

I’m looking forward to the conference in a scared sort of way. Sometimes I cope with it all really well, other times I feel I’m not coping at all but regardless, having people out there who have been through this has helped and despite initially insisting I didn’t want to make new ‘cancer friends’ the ones I have made on this journey have helped beyond measure, so I know the conference is going to be good and will be a positive influence.

I’ll be travelling by train from Fareham in Hampshire - anyone else going from here or nearby?

Althea xx