have you had delayed recon? how did it go?

hi all,

im at the end of traetment since september and had mx and anc, chemo then 15 rads. i expect at some point to start discussions about recon - i wasnt told until after mx that i could have had immediate recon. so has anyone had the op and if so how did it go, was it ok, does the delay cause extra problems, did rads alter the time it took to get recon, anything you can tell me will be helpful. ive heard about 18months after treatment finishes, is that about right?

thanks, angie xx

Hi Angie, I was told I couldn’t have immediate recon because I would be having rads. Then they said I couldn’t have recon while I was on herceptin - another year’s delay. Next, the surgeon said I needed to lose 3 stone before surgery (they weren’t bothered for the mx). All in all it was just over 2 years between mx and recon. I had a diep and am really happy with it. The rads mean the skin doesn’t stretch so a flap is a good way to go. Good luck x

Hi Angiepops


My case not the same as yours as I didn’t have rads but when I had mx I was told by my surgeon that an immediate recon was not advisable in case I did have rads after chemo.

My BCN afterwards told me my surgeon should never have advised me that way,

I had mx and chemo and waited 18 months from mx to have my LD recon.

I’ve had various fat transfers in the last 2 years so my whole experience has been about 3.5 years - I’m having a nipple recon this week.

The delay caused me no physical probs as didnt’t have rads, but psychologically I found it difficult without a breast for that long.

Good luck with your ops





Hi Angiepops

I had my mastectomy in 2007 and didn’t have my reconstruction until November 2012 - so five years on!  Anyway I’m very pleased with what I’ve had done.  I also had preventative surgery 3 years ago so have now had both sides done and they’re amazingly symmetrical.  


I had my mastectomy in 2007 and was unable to have an immediate recon due to proposed rads.  After that I went on the waiting list after I’d finished herceptin, and finally had a delayed LD flap with implant recon in 2010.  I am very pleased with the result, am delighted I did it, and I think when you have lived with a mx for a while you appreciate the recon all the more.