Have you swopped from Arimidex to Tamoxifen?

My oncologist has suggested that to help with vaginal dryness I swop from Arimidex to Tamoxifen. I’m a bit worried that I will have side effects from doing this. So far the only trouble I’ve had has been this side effect however it has not been helped much by Replens or other things. I’d like to know how others have found this. My oncologist says I can then use vagifem which will sort that problem out.

hi Lent Lily

i think it would depend more on your situation… i take it you are menopausal… not chemo induced? you can only get arimidex if you are through the menopause… usually 1 year with no periods over 50 or two years under 50 without the influence of hormones.

if you were pre menopausal at diagnosis then there is every chance you are not menopausal yet even if you are not having periods as its often a temporary effect from treatment… if however you were post menopausal at the outset you could change over but AIs are not without their own side effects such as joint pain and some people who have changed to an AI have then gone back to tamox as the lesser of two evils but it may be useful to try it and see how you get on with it.

side effects are variable and not everybody will experience the same side effects and many people dont have any at all… also how long have you been on tamox for… many drugs can take round 3 to 6 months to settle down so if you have only been on it a short while it might be worthwhile persevering for wee while longer to see if things improve.

vagifem has some very good results but the problem of vaginal dryness may continue on arimidex too.

Take care

Lulu x