Having a bad day

Just come out of hospital bacause my blood count had dropped. Really sore back so have been booked in for a bone scan on 8th October. Woke up today and it is my little boys birthday, I cant go but my husband is sorting it out with my sister. I started making sandwiches but had to stop because my hair was falling out and I didn’t want anyone to find a hair. How crap is this, I just sat and cried. I am now about to pull my self together before they come back and at least I can watch him open his presents.
Sorry for the mourning just needed to get it off my chest while everyone is out.
Take care everyone and good luck


Hi Bailey sorry you are having a bad day. Moan all you like helps to get it off your chest.

Sending you a big cyber hug, hope you enjoy seeing your son open his presents, i have found my children keep me going through this. Feeling pretty tired myself today, just done the dancing run and about to take them to gymnastics.

When my hair was badly falling out i took the plunge and shaved it off i felt so much better aftrewards and it was great to stop finding it all over the house.

Hope you manage to enjoy a bit of the day.

Take care




Hi Lesley
Thanks for your message it really cheered me up. Feel much better now because he came home and he had such a good time didn’t notice me not being there. He did save his presents to open with me though. Gave me a great big hug and said you don’t mind me going to watch football now do you. Its great to watch when they go off smiling and knowing that BC isn’t having any effect on them.
You are right its my children that are getting me through this.
Take care and thankyou

Hi Bailey
We’ve all been there - don’t be too hard on yourself. You’re pretty good even having a go at the sandwiches. I’m 37 diagnosed in June and have two boys 11 and 8. They do keep you going but there are days when it all feels too much.

I had a long cry in bath last night - just feeling sorry for myself. Not too bad today .

Hang in there.


Hi Bailey

Sorry you are having such a s**t day earlier, hope you are feeling a bit better now. It is crap when hair is falling out, I took the plunge and shaved it off just after my 2nd chemo and although was hard and emotional, was for the best. I had enough of finding all the hairs everywhere, and my little boy getting handfuls as he crawled along.

Glad that your son opened his pressies with you and is enjoying his birthday. They do keep you going the kids, I have a 3 yr old and 10 month old and they just make you want to get through it all and are the ones we fight so hard for I think.

Sending you lots of cyberhugs and kisses.
Take care and moan as much as you want, we all do it.


Hi Bailey

Just want to add my good wishes and sending you cyber hugs. The bad days are bad and some days I for sure have thought I couldnt go on doing this journey. I too shaved my head the day before my 2nd chemo and altho it was upsetting it was the best thing to do - but only you will know when the time is right. I have a 14 year old daughter who again keeps me going but at times I cant be bothered with her - I know that sounds horrible but am sure you all know what I mean. with her being that little bit older she has her upset times too as I have promised to be honest and up front with her. I think she keeps too much to herself sometimes (mind you I do that too!!).

Hope your feeling better as the day goes on
Thinking of you

Hi Bailey’s,

I’m sorry to hear you are having a bad day but am glad to read that you are feeling a little better. I think we all get the odd bad day every now and then, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t I guess! I have had loads since I was diagnosed in March, a good cry every now and then often helps me. I had a right ‘wobble’ last sunday and was really annoyed as I’d had a lovely few days before that and was not really sure what brought it on!! I feel for my poor boyfriend as I reckon I’m a nightmare to live with!! One minute I’m skipping round the house and the next I’m crying!!!

I’m so glad you got to watch your son open his b’day pressies. I hope he was pleased with what he got!

Take care of yourself,


Hi Baileys
So sorry you had a bad time today. Kids are great for taking your mind off things sometimes, but other times terrifying for the scary reasons that you might not be around for them. Dawn is right that we are fighting this for them as much as ourselves - and make sure you keep thinking that.
I have felt quite guilty this week that I haven’t done much with my 5 yr old little girl, so we are planning a SMALL halloween party for her and 5 friends, given myself another job to do now she wants me to find ‘spooky’ music…whatever the hell that is!!!
Don’t be sorry about moaning, we all have those kinda days, just tell us when and we’ll be there to pick you up again.

Lots of love and hugs

Hi Baileys,
Hope your feeling a little brighter now…you moan as much as you want my love you have every right to…and as Ali says we’re all here to pick one another up.
even before my hair started falling out i cut it all off myself…it was my way of accepting it was going to happen and also i kind of wanted to control when it went if that makes sense???
it must be so difficult when you have younger children, mine are older but two sons are still at home at 23 and 24!!..daughter is 29…my grandaughter was 5mths old when i was dx and i know i missed alot of time with her when going through chemo…now she started school 3wks ago…she’s only just 4 and i have a grandson whos 2 as well.

sending hugs

karen x

hiya everyone,
thanks for the lovely comments today I’m going to pick myself up and continue the fight and have some fun with my children

Hi baileys

sorry you have been having a rough time, glad to read you are feeling a bit more upbeat, go and enjoy yourself with the kids you all deserve it.

Diane x