Having a Bad Night

Tonight I’m very emotional… It just hit me how lucky I am to be here! I think I’ve been a bit in denial since June when I was told that if I hadn’t gone when I did it would have been a whole different story and that I might not have made Christmas/6 months. Very aggresive grade 3 tumours when DX… Here I am all fine, just in shock!

God, life is precious…

sorry - just had to say it “out loud” before I exploded!

That’s a lovely post - sometimes it just hits you up and down but each day is a blessing xx

Awwwwww bless you hun,

hope you are ok, were always here for you. And yes you are totally right, life is precious… so enjoy every minute, and have a great christmas.

hugs and kisses

Jo x

sometimes the shock of what has happened to us just hits you when you least expect it to. Despite my more up beat posts of late, today I am not having such a good day but not all cancer related for a change !!I hope you are feeling ok today Katie and look forward to a coffee in neros soon.

R xx

Hi Rachy, Hope you are having a better day today. Cold, damp and dull up here in Edinburgh. About to face the weather and head out to start my Christmas shopping. Not much to buy but haven’t a clue where to start…oh I hope I am sucessful…At least wehn doing it this late it is not a case of " Oh that might be nice for sos and so " instead you have to make an immediate decision. Hope you follow this…thinking of you Rachy
Hi KatieF. I get that feeling now and again too. I am so glad to be here and each Christmas is a bonus. I have had 21 “bonuses” so far so am quite happy…but would like a few more if I am not being too greedy!! LOve Val (Scottishlass)