Having a Implant

Hello, On the 2nd April I am booked in to have a masectomy, and a reconstruction using some muscle from my back and putting a implant in the left breast thats being removed aswell as having all my lymph nodes on that side removed. Has anyone here had the same procedure and can give me any advice and be able to tell me how the implanted breast is compared to the other one, i.e is it very noticeable the difference? any advice appreciated. I am 32. Thank you

Hi there
I had a left LD flap last September, followed by insertion of implant and uplift of the right side, at the end of January.
When dressed, the overall balance and shape is not too bad and i look in proportion with the rest of my frame.
When undressed, it does look slightly different and is much firmer to the touch.
I am hoping that once the nipple recon is done, the reconstructed breast will look better.

Good luck with your forthcoming surgery.

Hi Hobo

I’ve responded to your pm.


Me also x

Last June I had a mx with immediate LD recon. My surgeon saved the nipple(which I was very excited about).
In Jan I had an implant inserted and am waiting to make a decision whether to have an uplift on my good side or to have a small implant on my good side and a bigger implant on my recon side.
I can say i’m very happy with my the results so far. The implant has given the boob more volume so now I have a nice rounded breast. Even my 19 year old daughter is jealous! It’s a pity my good boob is heading south but as I say that should be sorted sooner rather than later.
When I’m dressed you wouldn’t know other than the fact it sits a bit higher. Undressed it is obviously more pert and firmer but I’m not complaining because my original recon shrank to next to nothing and in comparison it looks amazing!
Anne x