Having a large baby may increase your risk of developing breast cancer

An interesting new study has shown that women who give birth to larger babies have a higher incidence of later breast cancer:
It may be down to having larger concentrations of pregnancy hormones, or it may be that some other factor causes both, or it may be just a coincidence. Further research is needed to try to establish if there is a cause and effect here.

Interesting report. My first baby (now 25) was 9lbs 4.

Whilst interesting, what about those of us who don’t have children but still got BC. Personally I think what really needs to be said but what these articles don’t every address, is that cancer of all types happens, some people get it, some people dont. End of.

Interesting report. My first was 9lb 15½oz. They thought it might be gestational diabetes but they found no evidence of this. I wonder what they would have found if they had tested my hormone levels. My second was a more reasonable 7lb 8oz.

I also read the article in the Daily mail and was interested as my son was 10lb 7oz, however he was 18 years old when I was diagnosed which is a long time to think there may be a link.

I am, of course, one of the exceptions to this. My daughter weighed just 2lb6 (because she was very early). That weight was pretty near the 50% spot for her gestation.

i have had 4 larger than average babies- the first wast 10lb 4 oz- the later ones induced to prevent them going over due but all over 8.5 lbs .
I too was a large baby (10.6) as was my mother. No diabtees ion the family and no obesity - and only me with BC. 'Fraid it sounds like a typical Daily Mail story…very selective reporting and few facts

I agree with topsymo and the headline belies the final statement:
“The researchers pointed out that while the study found an association between hormonal levels and infant birth weight and maternal breast cancer risk, it did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. They added that more study is needed.”

ie hormone levels may cause bigger babies. Hormone levels CAN cause BC. Does NOT mean big babies cause BC. It’s a bit like: Hot weather causes me to sweat. Hot weather makes me want to buy more ice cream. Therefore ice cream makes me sweat. We all know that’s rubbish!!

My babies 7lb 8oz and 7lb 2oz and I have BC 25 years later. I was 10lb 8oz born and my mother didn’t!

Hi, I know that these sorts of studies leave more questions than answers but in my case, although I have since been identified as having the Braca 2 gene, the fact is that 30 years ago almost to the day that I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I gave birth to my first daughter who weighed in at 9 1/2 lbs. I suppose I was almost guaranteed to get breast cancer at some point given the family history but it seems rather coincidental about the timing in this respect. I was thinking of trying to contact the researchers of this study.

Hi, this post got me thinking about hormones. Since I was a teenager I have been a slave to my hormones! I had very bad PMT, very bad acne which I suspect was caused by hormones. For the first four months of my pregnancy I had severe morning sickness (which everyone told me was caused by “strong” hormones). I suffered with post natal depression. All of which made me decide not to have any more children. I had a 9lb 6oz baby.

Ten years ago I had fibroids and I had a hysterectomy (I believe fibroids are caused by too much oestrogen). I have had a really awful menopause which I am not through yet and then four years ago I was diagnosed with oestrogen receptive breast cancer.

All of this is hardly scientific especially as I was 10lb when I was born and my mother has just celebrated her 80th birthday without having bc (thankfully!)

Like I said, it just got me thinking …

Maude xx

Interesting report. May be others factors included here…

Interesting but not like this is unavoidable

What do they class as a large baby? My son was 7lbs 14ozs which I was told by the doctor and nurses who delivered him, was a large baby for me- I’m 5ft 1 and 8st 7.I was diagnosed at 47 when he was nearly 16. I’ve also been told that women who have their children past 30 are more likely to develop breast cancer. I think most of these types of info need a lot more research and don’t really help us very much. They’re certainly not the types of info I’d want my son to read-would n’t want him to think that it was his fault some way.

Interesting mine were 9 pounds and eleven pounds


Can’t add anything to the Daily Mail report (other than “ignore it!”) but all those big babies has my eyes watering in sympathy - my largest was just under 9lb and I thought SHE was big - I am wincing and crossing my legs just THINKING about producing anything even bigger! <goes off=“” to=“” mop=“” eyes=“”> </goes>

The link to details of the ‘study’ given by RoadRunner does not supply any information. MedLine seeems to have removed the article. I wonder why?

I agree with the 2nd post on this thread that this type of information means nothing. My son weighed 1lb 14oz at birth due to being 10 weeks premature (and is now a happy healthy average 11 year old) I was 22 when i gave birth yet i’ve read that having no children or having them later in life can contribute to the risks of getting breast cancer. Its all nonsence to me as i still got it at 34.

My babies were both small and breast fed. My 2nd bc in 2010 (first in 2003) was triple negative, so nothing to do with hormones. I think if anyone can find the thread about yellow welington boots causing bc, it would be more useful (laughter is the best medicine) than all these causes, that tend to make us feel guilty.
All the best to you all, Maria

Hi Maria, heres the Yellow Welolies thread think we could all do with a good laugh lol, good to see you back on BCC hope your doing ok ,big hugs.
Linda x
shall bump it up for everyone else too. xx