Having a Rant

Having a Rant

Having a Rant Sorry, just need to type like mad and get it out of my system!! where else can I do this?? I’ve just had a call from a dear friend who tells me her BC is back and is now in other parts of her body - it’s come as such a shock. She had lumpectomy when I had my mastectomy and it’s just not fair. She’s been so well and now is devastated and I’m really upset. I’ve got my tests tomorow - which isn’t helping and just want to cry and scream.
Thanks for listening


No it isn’t fair… …it’s bl**dy terrible! No wonder you’re so upset, Karen.This disease is so cruel and unpredictable and I’m so very sorry about your friend’s devastating news. I’ve heard recently about so many people who’d been doing well and have now been diagnosed with secondaries and it’s very frightening and sad.

Come back here and rant as much as you like. You know we understand and care.


Kathy xxx