Having a slight wobble

Hi you lovely ppl

Tomorrow I’m going for my results. I’ve been… Well… Holding it together (most of the time) pretty well, it’s ALWAYS in my mind, never gives me a moments peace :frowning: the wondering … The what if’s ?
Time has been dragging on, but all of a sudden, “the” day is nearly upon me… Oh I do wish I could wake up from this bad dream,the not me senario…but it is me, I will not wake up, and I will not stop thinking all those negative thoughts.
For all of you that are in the “waiting room” (the living hell place) WE CAN GET THROUGH THIS we will be strong and be in the percentage of good news.

Gosh that feals better… Wobble nearly over :wink:

You’re allowed a wobble (or several) and no better place to express it then here.

Hoping you are in the 90%, no one will be happier than us, but worst case, at least you know where we are.

Stay positive as much as you can


((((((( hugging ))))))) you back… Thank you

Hi Ohno,
wishing you all the best tomorrow everything crossed for youxxx… and for me too :-), as I’m off to get the results of my lumpectomy and lymph nodes also… seems like I have been waiting for weeks, longest 10 days of my life I think…

Good luck for tomorrow ohno and Jude48, let us know how you get on.

I agree with RevCat, wobbles are allowed, as are big childish paddies, stomping of feet, crying, screaming, wailing etc if they are needed - and they generally are in the waiting room.

Once you have your results things will ease somewhat, hopefully it will be good news for you both, but if not, at least you’ll know what you’re dealing with and will get a plan in place to get you through it all - and all the lovely ladies on here will be around to support you through the ups and downs where necesary.

I totally empathise with where your heads are at the moment, we’ve all been there and it is one of the most horrific and testing times.

Big hugs to you both for today, tonight and especially for tomorrow.

Good luck

Bev x

Thanks Bev, just want to get on with my rads now and get back to normal, whatever normal will now be. I don’t suppose it will be quite the normal it was before all this,…I think life may be even BETTER than before :slight_smile: How positive am I !! :slight_smile:
jude xx

That’s the spirit, I have rads planning on Friday and at least another 12 months with herceptin and reconstructions, but looking forward to a ‘new normal’.

Not sure my life will be ‘better’ than before, I was enjoying it, but it will be different, and hopefully for the better too, so I guess I’m sort of with you there.

Good luck

good luck for tomorrow xx angie

good luck for tomorrow, thinking of u xx

Good luck Jude and Ohno, big hugs. I get my results tomorrow following my lumpectomy and lymph node test and am finding it hard to concentrate at work. I feel bad for my poor hubby as while I have been holding it together at work I have been a bit snappy at home which is not like me at all.

What will be will be and we are all in this together and can have a good moan or a cry.

Let me know how you all get on

Lizzy xx

Hiya Lizzy,
Thanks so much, will let you know later for sure, wishing you all the best for tomorrow too.
I have been just like you with my OH, even to the extent of sneaking (or stomping) off to sleep in the spare room!!He has been fairly bemused but tolerant really, and at least he remembered I was going today, infact he has even remembered it’s my Birthday tomorrow and that has to be a first!!! Hope we all have some good news to celebrate…
Must be hard for you to concentrate at work,I hope your workload is not too heavy today… I am off work at the moment, but trying to do some research. I find myself popping on here though as concentration is all over the place today.
Will catch up with you later,
All the best to you Ohno

just an update, got my results today and margins and lymph all clear, got my appt with onc for 21st and my tamoxifen, so now moving forward…thanks to all for your wonderful support and kindness, and wishing the very best of luck to everyone with upcoming results, and massive hugs to all undergoing treatment
One very happy Jude xx

Jude, that is fantastic news, it is so great to hear that good news does arrive sometimes. I start my Tamoxifen at beg Oct. Good luck with your Onc appt.

Lizzy - thinking of you for your results today - good luck.

Ohno - hope you are ok x

Thanks Bev :slight_smile:
Just popped my first Tamoxifen !!
Wishing you all the best and hoping Lizzie has got on ok today, waiting to hear from her… xxxxx

I’m fed up :frowning:

Thanks for asking how I am :slight_smile: it is nice that you are thinking of me. I posted on here about my appointment I had yesterday. I am waiting again for an appointment.

Cyber (((hugs))) for you all.


Hi Angie

Found your other thread.

Everyone on here will tell you that the waiting is definately the worst period through all of this, and it’s natural for your mind to do sommersaults and go into overdrive until you have all of the info and a plan in place, it does become a little easier to deal with then, if you have something to deal with.

Sending you big hugs and hope you manage to stay relatively sane in the meantime, if not, you can always come back on here, rant, rave, scream, stomp your feet - whatever it takes really - we all understand where you are at the moment… and will be here to support you x