having a wobbly

having a wobbly

having a wobbly now four and a half months post-mastectomy and recon, had the holiday, feeling a lot better and making moves slowly towards going back to work…most of the time i feel OK but today we went to visit my ex-father-in-law who has prostate cancer and recently discovered to have bone mets. it was lovely to see him, but sad to see him obviously in pain and less well, and it brought it all rushing back. i came home and got in the bath and looked at my new boob and cried and cried. it’s a great job, but it’s not like it was before, and neither am i. i just got hit by a huge wave of grief…losing my breast was the culmination of a series of losses that included both my parents and both my aunts…plus horrible bullying at work that lost me my job. i guess i just have to remember that i’ve been through a hell of a lot…i remember when the first of my family died the grief came in waves, one minute i’d be absolutely fine and the next in floods of tears, usually in the middle of Sainsbury’s…i got used to it and had to just let it happen…

Dear catkin Sorry to read that you are feeling this way at the moment. You are welcome to contact our helpline for support on 0808 800 6000 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

You may also be interested in our ‘Peer support’ service which offers one to one support from someone who has had experience of breast cancer and we do our best to match you with someone of similar experience to you so that you are able to speak to someone who has an understanding of how you may be feeling. You can find out more from the homepage of the website or the helpline staff will be able to provide with details of this and our other support services which may be of interest to you.

Kind regards
Breast Cancer Care Host

just want to say you have had an awful time-seeing father in law today punched vunerable button-allow yourself to grieve for losses inc boob-cry scream whatever helps.i am nearly 3 yrs post op and still get wobbles but it gets better little by little.take care-sharonx