Having Hair Coloured


I will ask the radiotherapists when I go, but wondered what anyone’s thoughts were about having hair coloured during radiotherapy?  I am due to start radiotherapy later this week, and already had a cut & colour booked for this weekend.  I’m wondering whether to cancel the colour part?

I haven’t had chemo.

Many thanks for any thoughts.

I don’t see why not but best to check. I have an appointment to have my hair coloured on the 20th by which time I will have had 9 sessions of radiotherapy. Haven’t really seen my natural colour for quite a few years now but suspect there’s a lot of grey there which definitely needs covered ??

Hi Angie127

My hair grew back just as I was starting Radiotherapy, Iv dyed my hair for many years now, so I’m now embracing the salt and pepper pixie look. 

There are coloured shampoos you can use, to highlight your natural colour or add colour. 

There is a range called Maria Nila, it’s paraben, SLS free. 

I’m currently using silver pearl, I also have pink rose. It’s a lovely brand, and it leaves your hair lovely and soft. ?

Hello Angie, 

Unless you are having radiotherapy to your head , colouring your hair when having breast cancer radiotherapy should not be a problem.  

It is something that may need a bit more consideration if colouring after losing your hair from chemo and it is just coming back.  However,  you state you have not had chemo. 

Some people may be more wary of types of hair dye used after cancer,  for example,  preferring paraben  free products etc.  but each to their own. 


Chick ? x