Having to apply for universal credit.

I’m in remission from breast cancer. …active treatment ended Jan 17.
On tamoxifen now. Gave up work on diagnosis. Getting ill health pension for 3 years. Was on support group esa until last week. Now I have to apply for universal credit. A friend has told me I won’t get it…I’m getting pension…I’m 50…and I have some savings plus my husband works. I had a medical assesment 2 minths ago and have veen deemed fit. I suffer on the tamoxifen and have peripheral neuropathy. If I’m honest I’m enjoying not working. …looking after my family and grandkids.
Anyone experienced this? ? Should I continue the process or not bother. X

Hi, the benefit system is complicated even though DWP claim UC has simplified it! I work f/t as I have no option. When I was diagnosed and treated I contacted both Tenovus and Macmillan for help as I could not face returning full time to my v. Stressful job in contact centre. They looked into benfit claims for me and helped with the forms but sadly I wasn’t entitled. I had to return to work as too many commitment to give up but I fought for reasonable adjustments- when OH deemed me fit I got my union involved and got a second opinion which forced employer to change my shift patterns and move me to a less stressful business line which did help until I found a new job off the phones. I am now 58 and cannot retire til 67 but I have been told I can apply for ill health retirement if I cannot cope due to side effects of meds or mental health issues. However they can’t say if I would get it or not. Sorry I can’t offer more help but hope this info is of some use. Best wishes Michele x