having trouble getting hold of Letrozole??

My local chemist has been unable to get hold of Letrozole for me and says that there is a problem with the supplier. This isn’t the first time so I wondered if anyone else had heard of a problem - they say that this is a national thing.

I have been taking Letrozole for 12 months and initially I had a lot of trouble getting it. In the end the pharmacy ordered it in especially for me direct from the suppliers, they would only let them have what was on my prescription.

It hasn’t worked for met, just found out its back so have been switched to Tamoxifen as it works slightly differently.

Hope it carries on working for you.


Just phoned my mum who is on this tablet and she said she got hers last Tuesday with no problems which is a relief as she off on a cruise this Sunday.
Hope you get yours soon Erin and that it isnt a national thing. Was a nightmare last time phoning round trying to scrounge tablets.

I have had this problem before (been on it for 3 years). I’ve just found this link that you may all find interesting and in fact very disturbing.


Have you tried getting it through your oncology centre instead of GP, I’ve just got 6 weeks supply through mine.

I had this problem locally. I ended up calling the manufacturers myself as it was sooooo frustrating! They would only issue what was on my prescription and my pharmacy had to contact them direct. Now I always order with plenty of time from my pharmacy so that I am not left without any tablets.

Good luck!


I had loads of problems with my tablets. Have been on Femara for 18 months and to begin with my pharmacy couldn’t supply as and when I needed them. I had to phone round the local pharmacy shops to see who could supply the tablets. I now have a repeat prescription for 2 months at a time and it’s a lot easier. I get my tablets at least 4 weeks in advance now so I have no worries.


My pharmacy orders it direct from the manufacturer. They don’t seem to have any trouble getting it.


No problems with my supply either. I even get 2 months at a time. Val

when I switched to femara the hospital pharmacy told me that there can be a problem with supplies of femara and gave me a note and telephone number for my local chemist to ring if this happened. The chemist already has 5 patients collecting femara from him and said the manufacturers insist he faxes each prescription to prove they have a patient before they will release the tablets. He usually manages to juggle us even if sometimes you get 14 and then go back for more but it makes sure we are all covered. This time, I came back from hols and I was down to the last tablet before they got me any and I was in a panic. They did get them and I want to make sure I always have quite a few in hand too in future.