Having Zolodex

Just a quick question to those ladies who have Zolodex injections.


I had an injection today and on pulling the needle out I noticed the needle hadn’t retracted completely into the holder like it normally does.  I queried with GP to ask if ok and if the medicine had gone inside me ok and he said it had and after a twiddle the needle then fuly retracted back inside the holder.  He said it happens sometimes but I worry that maybe it was faulty or didn’t work? Has anyone else had the same?


I guess a lot of ladies never actually look at the needle at all so maybe I watch too closely for my own good and just worry too much! :stuck_out_tongue:



No, never watch… I’m far too much of a chicken!
The gp would know if the implant hadn’t gone in. Try not to worry xx

Have mine tomorrow… Still got a bruise from last month! Xx