Starting my 1st chemo at 10am, woke up at 5am with really bad sinuses and a hayfever headache,nausea, sore throat - marvellous.
Has anyone else had hayfever whilst going through chemo? Wondering what effect it has on the whole respiratory system. Very nervous about infection, I had 4 bouts of sinus infection last year and had 1 this year so far as well :frowning: Was due to go back to the Ear, Nose and Throat at the hospital but they can’t do anything whilst doing chemo.

I do take anti histamines, Avamys Nasal Spray, I’ve had 2 operations on my nose, one for a diviated septum and 1 for removing swollen tissues at the top of my nose due to persistent swelling and reduce breathing.

I certainly did and took piriton but it was still there sometimes in can be a se of tax. I also had operation on my nose a few years ago.

I always get bad hay fever, first tree pollen and then grass pollen. It’s definitely been worse this year, and I had a sore throat and laryngitis at one point. No real fever though. The Onc said you can get this with chemo and to keep on with my spray and eyedrops and that antihistamine tablets were ok.

A lot of people get snuffly or runny noses while on chemo, it’s a pretty regular complaint.

But be sure to check your temperature if you feel unwell and phone if you run a fever.


I don’t usually get hayfever - only once every few years or so, and not badly but I’ve had a very runny nose from the end of the first week onwards with each chemo cycle and it was even worse on Tax than it was on FEC. It got very sore and quite bunged up at times. Since FEC2 I’ve also had some blood in the drips and my platelets have been a bit low.
This time my onc has prescribed me a Beconase spray which I know is usually given for hayfever as my daughter uses it. It takes about a week to work so I started using it on chemo day, thinking that as my nose takes almost a week to start dripping the timing would be about right.

By my usual timetable I should have hit the tissues a couple of days ago but have been OK so far, so maybe it’s working. Might be worth a go for those with nose problems!

Jane xxx

Day 7 after chemotherapy and we’ve had some hot days! Woke up with swollen throat,glands, eyelids and nose! Called chemotherapy unit, just got to keep eye on it for now. Hope I don’t get infected :frowning: I had 4 sinus infections last year before cancer!