He2 positive

I’ve just had my CT scan today I’m so scared that it has spread I have a 2cm tumour with maybe 6 nodes 


It is always a scary time when you’ve had a CT, or other, scan. I’m assuming at the moment you’ve not got the results but just that you know you have a tumour and that 6 nodes are affected? Although it’s difficult try not to think about what that scan results might show, and I’d suggest you don’t Google anything as there’s a lot of information out there that is out of date, I’d wait until you have more information.  Once you do know if it has spread and therefore what you are dealing with you can always come back on here to ask any questions. Someone with the same experiences or treatments as you should be able to help. If you need to ask questions at the moment the nurses on here can help as can speaking to someone on the helpline if you need to talk. 
All of the  SBC forum members know what it is like to get a secondary diagnosis but from what you have written so far there may not be any specific areas we can help with at the moment,  other than giving support.

Nicky x