Head all over place - facing possible bilateral mastectomy


has anyone had an MRI guided biopsy? I have provisional surgery date for mastectomy / recon of right breast, but they may want to take the left one too. They’re talking about doing an MRI guided VAB on left breast as all other tests have been inconclusive and they still think it could be dodgy. 

I have a provisional surgery date but they still waiting to hear from a London doc about left breast tests. I’m ao fed up and frustrated x


 I have not had an mri guided biopsy, but did not want to read and not reply. I will be having my 3 cycle of FEC chemo on Thursday. I don’t know you but I wanted to say try not to panic. I know it easy to say and I always panic about everything but from what you have said about waiting to here from a London doctor it seems as though your team have got you. My surgeon works in both private and nhs hospitals on the Midlands but had training in the Royal Marsden hospital on London. He is absolutely fantastic and although I have not had a mastectomy I had a therapeutic mamoplasty, which is like a lumpectomy with an uplift. I used to be a F cup but am now about a c cup on the right side. My left side is still an f cup. I’m a bit lopsided but will get an uplift to the other side after chemo and radiation.

 They used an ultrasound to do my biopsy but I think what you are having is similar. It really didn’t hurt. The numb the area first. Feels weird but no pain.

 Please try not to worry they are working out the best plan for you. They will do everything they can to help you get through this! Aldo you will meet some lovely people on here that will pull you through too.

 I know I’ve babbled on, but I hope I have put your mind at ease a little.

 Lots of love :two_hearts:  

Tara xx

I wanted to say hello too as also didn’t want to read and not reply. I was diagnosed a bit over a month ago, 2 tumours right side, IDC, Er+, HER2-,  I’ve have had multiple tests now but in terms of biopsies I’ve only had u/s guided. 

Although recently diagnosed and no expert I can empathise :bouquet: as I too have complicating factors so I’m also stuck in a similar delay situation,  waiting for extra info or confirming x y or z between different teams and hospitals etc. It’s not helping that some of the consultations have to be by phone as I’m isolating ahead of a SLNB on 31st. 

There are so many stages in the process, it’s very ‘bitty’ and it seems to take so long (feels so long anyway) to establish all the facts to get to that point of the important ‘big’ operation, where I will finally feel something productive is actually happening with getting the cancer out of my body. That’s how I feel, I understand the process and reasoning but the waiting is hard and frustrating. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll also be having a right mastectomy with immediate reconstruction if nodes clear, and some work too on the left breast but won’t get the date until after results of SLNB. 

A month ago I didn’t think it was possible to be able to distract myself through the wait, to relax, laugh, read, watch a film or talk about anything trivial, but it has got easier, and it’s also really important to do it, not just to help time pass quicker, but to give your mental health a break from all things cancer. It was initially so overwhelming for everyone in my immediate family so I’ve made myself have what time I can away from my own BC thoughts and try to limit discussions at home and keep everyone busy and it has helped a lot.

Louise xx