Headache and Radiotherapy



I have had had my second session of radiotherapy today. During the session today the back of my head was hurting and when I get up I feel quite unsteady but it is now 4 hours later and head still a bit swirly. I am have both sides done so was in the position today for about 45 mins.


has anyone else experienced this? Can they change the head support so it’s more comfortable?

Hi Whatatit,


I don’t recollect anyone posting about headaches and radio before. It sounds like you think it may be due the the position your head is for the time of the sessions. I suggest you tell your radio team at the start of your next session, in case they can do anything re position of your head or try to get you in position a bit quicker to reduce overall time lying down. 


Another thought…do you find yourself feeling a tad stressed or tense before or during radio appointments? If so it’'s possible the headache may be a response to stress. Or do you have high blood pressure, since if so stress it is possible this could affect your blood pressure, although one wouldn’t necessarily expect you to have a headache/feel swirly for so long afterwards.


I know some people don’t like taking mild painkillers, but if it happens again you might want to try practicing mindfulness or having a paracetamol or neurofen beforehand?


I hope you stop getting the headaches.


Seabreeze x



I’ve just finished five sessions of radiotherepy on neck/skull as I have secondary bone cancer and one my side effects was told could be head aches and nausea been lucky all week till this morning and I felt like been hit by truck was horrible =( felt sick woozy my head was in agony, however as I’m on lot of pain medication so had some oral morphine and anti sickness and I do hope you feel better soon xxxx