Headache getting worse

Hi I hope you’ve all had a lovely day in the gorgeous sunshine :sun_with_face: . I’m sitting here loving the day but getting increasingly anxious. I was diagnosed with sacral mets this time last year and tumour markers going down with treatment. But lately I’ve been having a lot of hip and rib pain and over the last 3 weeks I’ve been having increasingly worsening headaches. I’m having a ct scan on aug 4th but I’m getting anxious it’ll show up I’m now riddled. _Im a positive person but _can’t help it with these new pains as can’t think of a good reason for them coming out of nowhere. Just need a bit of a pep talk if anyone feels up to it and give my but a kick. Thanks in advance xx

Hi buster Liz here I have had ongoing hip pain occasional rib pain not so much headaches but occasionally get them . I am 3 years in on treatment for sbc in lungs pelvis base of spine . It is worrying when you get pain like this all I can say is I did worry things were progressing due to pain but scans were OK so hope this reassures you also it is pointless to stress while we wait for scans and results but perfectly understandable. The weather is so hot it could be you are needing to drink more water also I have a ceiling fan which is great and keep out of sun. Also use naproxen for pain tens machine and heat pads or cool pads whichever work. Hope you manage to find a way to de stress I play meditation on YouTube to help with sleep or just to chill out that might help also get rest when you can. Love and hugs Liz xx

Hi Buster, I know exactly how you feel. We should get matching tee shirts! Two months ago I was crippled by pain. Convinced it had spread to bones and liver. I was taking paracetamol and codeine like sweeties! I even wrote good bye letters…awful. My Onco arranged scans within a week of us speaking and I had a bone scan, soft tissue scan and mammogram all in that week. Nightmare going to hospital every other day. I met him  a week later to be told all scans were clear. Couldn’t believe it, so he showed me the results on the screen. I do have some arthritis and some degeneration of joints, but I’m 74. The pain is gradually improving, but is worse at night, especially if I’ve had a hectic day. My headaches, I think, we’re caused by stress and have now gone. yay! I wrote a note to self……keep calm and carry on! Hope your results are the same. :crossed_fingers: :bouquet: