headaches i had been suffering from headaches and neck ache for the past couple of weeks and mentioned them to onc, as i was due a ct scan he added a brain scan. on thurs i found out that i have brain mets, i was diagnosed with them last year and had wbr, and they told me you cant have radiotherapy again, i have mets elsewhere inc the liver and am having more chemo at my choice. i feel that there must be some other treatment as i feel well but i dont know where to start looking both for liver and brain mets, i feel that when i look on the internet i go round in circles and all the sites are american. anyone any suggestions? any body had brain mets twice? have been feeling hysterical today thinking that there are no more treatment options for the brain and dont know how to deal with it, how does everyone else deal with this situation, ive talked to breasr care nurse with no use, i feel so normal at present and cant believe that this is happening to me,im only 35 and im so angry.
sorry to keep on ranting but i needed to let it out, i know everyone on here has there own problems but i always thought that when i reached this point of my illness i would have some kind of acceptance but im still kicking and screaming against it.
people say take one day at a time and enjoy it when you feel well but i hate that saying! any kind of advice would be welcome, but i understand if people dont know what to say.
love vicky

Dear Vicky I am sorry to read you are feeling this way at the moment and would like to suggest that you contact our helpline on 0808 800 6000 which is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm. The helpliners will be able to offer you further support and information to help you during this difficult time.

You may also find our secondary live chat sessions helpful, they are held on Tuesday evenings 8.30-9.30pm and you are able to ‘chat’ to others with secondary breast cancer in real time about your concerns and queries. For more information about live chat and other support services please contact our helpline or look under the ‘Support for you’ tab on the left of this page.

Kind regards
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Hi Vicky I’m not surprised you feel angry…you have every reason to feel angry and to rant at the horrible unfairness of cancer. Just read your posts and know you’ve spent such a long time of such a young life facing and living with cancer.

I know too you’re triple negative and you seem to have used up just about all the tretament options I know of. i wish I could offer or suggest something more.

You don’t have to ever ‘accept’ what is happening to you…you can rant for as long as there is life…who says we have to accept and become serene?..I think that’s probably another of the many myths about living with cancer.

And I haven’t got any words that will bring a scrap of comfort except to say I’m thinking of you and hope you continue to have lots of well days.

very best wishes


Hello Vicky, I know very little about brain mets, mine are in the bone, but I know others who have had WBR and a couple of ladies who were able to have Gamma knife. I don’t know if Gamma knife is suitable if you have already had WBR but here’s a website which might be helpful. www.gammaknife.co.uk
Apologies if you have already looked at this treatment.
I hope you are able to have some treatment…
Good Luck and Love Belinda…xx

Sorry Vicky, me again, Gamma knife is offered at Sheffield’s Hallamshire Hospital…I think it’s an NHS teaching hospital.

So sorry Vicki, am thinking of you and hoping you can go back to the onco with some information to help.


thanks to eeryone for replying it gave me a boost, feel abit calmer today but was in such a rant yesterday had to let it out somewhere!
thanks again love vickyx