Heading your way - possibly !

So I rang the hospital yesterday and they couldn’t find any mention of a radiotherapy appointment in my records - why am I not surprised ? - they have already lost them twice in the past two weeks, but the secretary did say she would ‘get onto it’ and mention it to my surgeon.
Surprise, surprise - this morning I get a phone call from the Oncology department -I’ve got to attend my first (presumably planning) meeting on November 1st !!!

Maddy xxx

Well, Maddy, I have my planning appointment on the 1st, too, so I’ll be sure to let you know if your records turn up at Addenbrookes!!

Well fancy that Ihave my first oncology appointment on the 1st in Shrewsbury, so will also look out for your notes!


Hi Madeline,

I am also being treated at RSH, what a small world!! Start my rads there on Mon 5th!


Hi Madeline I was also treated at Shrewsbury,the rads team there are great.lol Valx

The good news is - they actually had my notes transferred from Glenfield to LRI - the bad news - today wasn’t a planning meeting!!! Just another opportunity for a doctor to ask questions that other people have already asked and fill in lots of bits of paper - still no sign of the pathology report so they’re still not sure if I should be taking Tamoxifen or not!

Then I spent two hours in casualty having x-rays to see if the needle I trod on before I left home was still in my toe - fortunately not! - Had to Hoover when I got home to try and find the lost bit.

The better news is that my planning meeting is now definitely booked for next Tuesday 6th November!
Watch this space
Best wishes
Maddy xxx

Hi all

It is so nice to hear other people are or have been treated at Shrewsbury and have been happy. I had my appointment yesterday and they have said I have to have 3 weeks radiotherapy. Monday at 3.30 I am having CT scan so might see you Kelly, I dont know. They have not had results of HER2 yet but if I am positive I will have Herceptin and chemo. I wasnt planning on this, but I will cope if I have to. So futher down the path I go, it is very encouraging to read other peoples experiences and what a lot of very brave men and women there are! Apart from this being very frightening I have found this to be a very humbling experience.

Speak soon

Hi Girls

Anyone else having their rads. at Addenbrookes ? I’m going for my planning session today, so I presume I’ll be starting in a couple of weeks.



Hi Julie. I’m having my rads at Addenbrookes! I had my planning session yesterday, and I’m having 15 sessions, starting 19th November.

Hi Madeline,

I will be the one looking anxious in the radiotherapy dept!!! Will no doubt have a huge bag with me and I’ll be with my boyfriend. Say hello if you see me! All the best for your CT,

Take care,


I certainly will Kelly but what time are you going there?


Hi Ladies
Remember this : “The better news is that my planning meeting is now definitely booked for next Tuesday 6th November!
Watch this space” ?

Got a phone call this morning cancelling tomorrow’s planning meeting!!!

Evidently the consultant has been called away ‘unexpectedly’ for a couple of weeks (lottery win, holiday in Mauritius perhaps???) and my appointment has been put back to the 20th!!!

At least they are now (supposedly) planning to get my treatment started as soon as possible after that date.

I am so glad (can’t believe I keep saying that) that my surgical consultant put me on Tamoxifen even though my hormone status is still not back from pathology - even if I don’t need it it feels as if something is being done to get rid of the dreaded disease!

Love Maddy xxxx

Hi Maddy
I shall be seeing my consultant on the 20th as well , Looks as if we are back on track again,
The Tamoxifen is working ok,
But had trouble with my arm,. Lymphoedema.
still things could be worse,

You must be fed up how you.ve been treated with your appointments,
Do you think you will start your Rads before xmas,? I think i shall leave mine till after
Take care now,
june x

Hi June,

Great to hear from you again.

Sorry to hear about the lymphoedema - my cousin had the same thing (and cording) and had to continue massage and exercises for quite a long time - have you considered having reflexology?It’s great for removing excess lymph fluid.

According to the hospital they were planning to begin the radiotherapy as soon as possible after 20th November so I am planning to begin then just to get it over with - they still don’t know my hormone receptor status.

First grandchild due 3rd December but hopefully we will still be able to travel down for visits after the sessions - we live about an hour apart. The hospital don’t do radiotherapy on Christmas Day/Boxing Day or New Year’s Day so we will still be able to go out and socialise (if I’m not too tired) - I’m not planning to have the usual family bash here until at least Easter!

I was so bored the other day that I went back to my morning Spanish class just to see some friendly faces - I hadn’t re-registered for this year (even before the diagnosis of BC) but the teacher is very keen for me to continue -serves me right - I got homework! Not sure my brain is quite ready for that yet so I’ll probably just play the tired card and not do most of it!

Best wishes
Maddy xxxxx

Hi Maddy,

I’m being treated at LRI - finish rads this Thursday, then it’s on to herceptin. The staff in the radiotherapy dept are lovely, but my experience is that they are always running late. After a couple of weeks of getting stressed and frustrated by this, I now ring up every day before I leave work to find out how late they are running, and try to arrive accordingly (tho’ the queue for the car park can play havoc with this!)

hi Maddy
I think this Lymphoedema s going to hold me back a bit on my treatment ,
Im taking antibiotic,s So lets hope they work
Whats this reflexology treatment Maddy, for lymp fluid,?
I would try anything ,

All being well ,we should be going to Devon for xmas ,both my son and daughter live in Torquay,
I expect i should wait untill ive been to the hospital on 20 Nov before i make any set plans,
They might want me to start Rads.
It would be good to get this treatment out of the way this year ,wouldnt it ? love June x

HI Maddy
I have just been looking at Sun Acon Chi Machines,On the net

Have you heard anything about them ,
It sounds very good what they do,if they do work.

( The lymph fluids gone down alot today, shall sleep better tonight,)

Bye again June x

Hi June

Breast Cancer Care have written a publication about lymphoedema which you may find helpful to read, you can do so via the following link:


The booklet also contains information about support networks which offer help and advice to anyone concerned about about this condition.

If you have any concerns about treatments for lymphoedema, please feel free to contact our helpliners for advice and further information on 0808 800 6000. Open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Breast Cancer Care

Hi June,
basically reflexology involves a trained reflexologist massaging certain areas of your feet which sends signals to other areas of your body.

My dad had a session just before he died and it took away most of the fluid from his legs. He said he would definitely have more treatments as it was so relaxing and he felt so much better afterwards. Rest assured his death had nothing to do with the reflexology! I think it costs around £20 per session and I would definitely recommend it. I know there are some hospitals where they have visiting reflexologists (and at least one which is said to have a resident) perhaps you can get a recommendation from someone.

I hope you can follow this link for more info :


Good Luck
Maddy xxxxx

Hi Lucy
Thanks for your advice
Shall keep it in mind ,
Regards June

Hi Mandy ,
How are you today ?

I have been on the net looking at books about reflexoloy, I might get one and practice on O.H if he will let me HA.HA

Again today my arms been a little better, My breast was swollen as well ,but thats doing ok now.

This Treatment all takes time ,and ive got plenty of that, at the moment
I shall go get ready to go out for a meal tonight ,O H wants to take me out Bless him,
, Bye for now and thanks June x