headscarf trouble

I have a gas hob, and one less headscarf!.. yes I managed to set fire to myself the other day, lucky that I still have a sense of smell, I normally take my scarf off by the time I have to cook but on this occasion I didnt, and it was the day that I had dangley bits!! Fortunatly no harm was done, but let this be a lesson to us all!!

Oh charlotte, im so glad you are ok and only your headscarf came to harm but that did make me laugh out loud (and im at work so got some funny looks)

Thanks for the warning, ive been looking at some of the pretty ones with dangly bits but luckily i dont have gas hob x

you should be safe then… It was my 1st accident and I have been wearing since mid may!

woops! glad you are safe! I keep forgetting to stand back when opening the oven door (with my wig on)… leapt back quickly enough so far…

oops Charlotte, but at least ur ok, did make me chuckle though :slight_smile: x

started to look at some scarf tying on youtube today, and your thread just made me really laugh, as the one I watched was describing how pretty they looked if you left the dangly bits loose rather than tuck them in. Clearly they’ve not had your health hazard of an experience!!! Glad you’re ok though, Simone xxx