Headwear during/after Chemo

Hi I am hoping (sorry for stupid choice of word) to start chemo this month and am thinking about headwear, i have looked at a couple of tutorials on u tube. On a few i have noticed that the ladies wear a close fitting fine hat which they wear as a base over which they use scarves or a tube thing. Does anyone have any advice please x

You might even find that you feel comfortable going commando…

I mainly wore nothing at all on my head, but when I did I had a Buff, which is a cylinder of soft jersey material that you can wear in a number of different ways. Very comfortable. And I still use them even now, as hats when out walking the dog.

Another sort of headwear I used occasionally was a long scarf rather than a square one. Take a look at Suburban Turbans website. They have some lovely long scarves and instructions on how to tie them.

Hi, I had chemo last summer. Initially, I bought loads of scarves… then I bought a bandana… then I bought Buffs… then I bought things to pin on to the scarves… then I went back to the wig and never wore the scarves! Buffs were the best thing - comfy and practical. I slept in them, wore them round the house and under hoods. I kept one in my handbag “just in case”… When you get a wig, you are given a sort of stocking to put over your head. Personally, I found that hot and uncomfy. Some of the videos about tying scarves are great. Headstrong is a charity that does individual sessions on scarves and possible headwear. Your unit may have them visiting.

In the end, it’s so personal. Many of us found losing our hair the time we began to get emotional about the whole thing, and the thing we minded most. For me, wearing a scarf was like telling the world I had cancer (a bit like coming out must be). In the end, I found I was less aware of the wig than any scarf/headwear, because I don’t like having my ears covered… but it is, as I say, very personal, and I’m sure others will be along with different experiences.

Hope chemo goes well. Jane

try boldbeanies website

Hi megsmum,
I too am a buff fan, they are seamless and not too thick, they sell them and things which are identical but cheaper on amazon. I also have a couple of the scarf liner things you were asking about which are handy under hats or at night. I got mine from AnnaBandanna , nice selection and quite cheap,
All the best for your chemo
Herbi x

I got a nice hat/scarf attached from annabandana.co.uk it’s really comfy and cool when I’m having chemo and looks really trendy. I have a wig on the NHS for free and tend to wear it where people don’t know me as it is a lot thicker than my normal hair. It also gets very itchy when I get hot!
I have just had my 5th chemo and have some sort of fuzz growing back so there you go then !!!

Thanx ladies i looked at Annabandana and they look lovely i just can’t bring myself to order anything yet. :frowning:

I’m another Buff fan. I’ve had mine for years, way before bc reared it’s ugly head,. I originally bought mine to wear under my motorcycle helmet as they are excellent neck warmers too - not just great for heads.

Sue x

Didn’t like Annabandana. Poor quality, cheap and nasty.