Healing of T junction scar after therapeutic mammoplasty


 I had a WLE with therapeutic mammoplasty just over 4 weeks ago and have been doing well since apart from one small area which doesn’t seem to be healing properly. It is the T junction of the vertical scar and the round the areola scar. There seems to be a tiny triangular gap which now looks indented and black. Today it has started to feel sore and slightly throbbing in this area. 

Last week my surgeon told me to start massaging bio oil on my scars but I have avoided doing it on that area after the first time because it made it sting and feel like it was burning for ages afterwards. I thought it was setting down but today it seems worse. Does anyone else have experience of this and any advice about helping it to heal? I tried ringing a BCN today but the phone rang out for 15 minutes with no answer so I gave up. Tried my GP but after again being held in a phone queue for ages was told I needed to contact my breast care team. I will try them again tomorrow but would be grateful for for any advice or sharing of experience from anyone who has experienced something similar.

Nessie please just get yourself down to your breast unit in the morning and get them to check it out, one of the nurses there will be able to have a look and assess, you’ve tried ringing so please get yourself there always best to have a professional look at everything just to be on safe side please don’t leave it, just in case, then you’ll have had it assessed properly by your team do please let us know how you get on :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

It’s very very frustrating trying to get through to anyone at the moment .This could just be part of normal healing but you do need someone to look at it asap to make sure . Maybe Shi is right , go down to Breast Unit or GP and ask to be seen . Other option is ring 111 and ask for advice - they can help with getting appointments with relevant people too .