health after finishing treatment

I was diagnosed with breast cancer March 2014, I underwent surgery, chemo & radiotherapy, I was so pleased to return to work Jan 2015 however I have had lots of ongoing health problems such as neuralga & have recently been diagnosed with a weakness to my bowel wall, I believe these problems are due to the chemo & wondered if anyone else had experienced ongoing health problems & how to deal with them whilst working which is proving difficult, thanks x

Hi Poppies,
I was also diagnosed in 2014, 3 surgeries, rads and anastrozol and x number of months later i still pace myself. I have changed jobs, declared my medical history as there is provision under legislation for protwction in the work place, and i plod on. Looking back one year, i am like the duracell bunny, but i now dont stress, just assess and do as i can. If i do too much one day, the next is wiped out. We are all different, with different circumstances. As i write this i feel as if am 100years old, in reality am half that age. Some days are so mzch easier, today is a killer as have started a new job just this week.
Good luck to you, x x

Hello, Poppies,

I do not come on here very often now, as I am almost five years post diagnosis and treatment.  However, I thought I would reply when you mention weakness to your bowel wall.

It is a rare side effect to the chemo, so it is not well documented.  The chemo can cause damage to healthy tissue, and in my case it caused a Stage 3 Prolapse of the uterus, bladder and part of the bowel.  Mine was very severe, and seven months post chemo, I needed a Total hysterectomy, and a major repair to the bowel and bladder, as I was in a very bad state. I had to work with this problem for four months before the surgery, and to say it was challenging is an understatement!

I do not think there are many ladies to whom this happens, so this may account for few replies to your post.

Please feel free to PM me if you wish.

Thank you both for your repies to my post, when I had my chemo I was admitted to hospital with chemo induced collitis so really I should not be too surprised that I am still having problems with my bowel, I do get annoyed that I wasn’t told about problems that could arise from having chemo & trying to work is very challenging to say the very least xxx