Health and or Life Insurance

I have a family gene for breast and ovarian cancer and surgeons will not perform elective surgery until I have lost quite a considerable amount of weight. I have a daughter, 21, who will not be tested for the gene until she is 25 yrs old.
What I would like to do is take out a health/life insurance to ensure that should the worst happen my daughter is financially secure. I had received something through the post re the insurance for women with ‘womens’ cancer issues, but have misplaced the information.
I was wondering if anyone has this type of insurance and if so could they tell me who the company are who offer this policy.
Thanks Pierina.

hi pierina
i personally didnt have insurance but i have seen leaflets etc from
a company called wellwoman(sure you would find them if you google it)
they cover women between 18 and 64 for 7 specific female cancers.
i have thought myself of looking into it as i have 2 daughters.
good luck in your search

Hi, most companies will give you life insurance but only after 3 or 5 years after your treatment has ended and then the premiums are high at first, slowly decreasing as time goes on. There are special rules in the Disability Discrimination Act which maybe worth looking at and quoting if you are having trouble getting any cover.

Hi Clarabelle,
Thank you for your reply. I had received leaflets through the post regarding insurance for ‘womens’ cancers, but Im afraid I dont remember who the group were. Im getting anxious to get something in place, just to be on the safe side.

Hi annieo,
Thank you for this. I will let you know how I get on.

hi im jude im 35 and a brca1 carrier i had oopherectomy last year and have cancer insurance cover from americanlife with a policy called wellwoman plus
0800 597 9888
hope that helps jude