Health and Wellbeing at Sheffield - 19 Nov 2008

BCC, thank you soooooooooooo much for putting on this day. I really felt I came away with so much more knowledge. Met many wonderful people - not to mention the oh-so-sexy-voiced guy!!! Mel and Maria (from BCC) so nice to meet you. Highly recommend this day, but so glad I arrived the night before and had time to relax. Looking forward to part 2 in Jan :slight_smile:

Good luck to us all.
Maureen xx

Yes, it was a brilliant day, very helpful and also (mostly!) enjoyable (the not-mostly is intrinsic to the subject, not anything the charity did or didn’t do) - very good to meet you other girls and Mel & Maria, the nice Fatigue lady and the wonderful David.

I’m shocked?! Maureen!!! Didn’t realise *that* was why you wanted to take him home!!! He was really wonderful wasn’t he. I want to paint the things I ended up imagining…

Must go to bed but look forward also to Jan and also maybe to chatting here in the meantime.

Caro x



I have signed up to do the 10 miles walk at Harewood on June 20th (as well as the HalfMoon walk in London a month earlier). This is for fundraising for BCC - I am doing it to say thank you for yesterday, and also to continue to raise money for breast cancer research. I know from my experiences in the Moonwalk of May 2003 that people are very happy to sponsor you if you actually have the disease, I feel I might as well harvest that good will as being one benefit from having this yuk disease. Plus I know that the training will do anyone a power of good. I would LOVE to do it with some of you to mutually support and encourage if anyone is up for it?

I don’t think I have a chance in Hades of getting my boyfriend into a pink teeshirt but will try my brother or dad.

love Caro