health care in jersey

Hi , I wondered if anyone has experience of care in Jersey? I might possibly be moving there but having had bc since 2004 with a local recurrence 2008 I’m worried about where this might leave me re health care (and also the cost implications). Does anyone know? Jersey although part of the British Isles does not have a NHS.

I think you might have some problems. The reciprocal agreement between UK and Jersey ended last year.
If you have been a permanent resident in UK for 10 years you will be able to come back here for treatment for 5 years. After those five years you are no longer entitled.
I don’t know how things function for permanent residents.

Have a look here

I am feeling similarly concerned about health insurance since diagnosis.
Does anyone know if there is a period of time after which one can obtain health insurance again (to live in USA etc.)?

Thanks for this msmolly, I think I need to check it out a bit further before me and my OH make any decisions. The problem is as we all know, bc has no certainties. If i pass by the chance to live in jersey I might regret it, but of course I can’t make any assumptions about the next 5 years! It feels like catch 22!

Oh I hate this site at times!!! I’ve just typed this reply 3 times and lost it!

We lived in Jersey 10 years ago for a few years. Never had any serious health probs, but know pwople who have had breast and other cancers. Consultants go over from Southampton and other UK hospitals, and any radiotherapy is done in S’ton.

GPs are private so you pay to visit, but not too much (probably gone up since we left). And prescriptions are private, but often cost less than an NHS prescription charge. Not sure how chemo works, or how much tamoxifen or AI drugs would cost.

We loved it there and walked on the beach at least once a week when we could. We both worked there but always had a slight holiday feeling!

Do some more research - if you go there with work you might have some cover anyway?


hello River, thank you for your reply. I’m not sure now whether consultants from S’ton go over anymore as the reciprocal health agreement ended last year. However i have phoned the Oncology dept of the hospital there and they told me that after 6 months treatment would be free. That is good news for me as if i needed treatment before that (hopefully not but you never know) I could return to the UK for it as I can do this for up to 5 years. I feel better now that I have got the information … now my OH just needs to get the job!!