Healthy baby born after chemotherapy while pregnant

On 4th Nov 2010, I gave birth to a seemingly healthy baby girl following 4 cycles of AC chemotherapy during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy.

She did come a little early at 36 weeks, which I was warned was a possible SE of the treatment, but nonetheless she’s a good weight (6lbs 5oz), passed all the neonatal tests with flying colours, AND is managing to breastfeed from my one remaining boob very well!

I trust this news gives a little hope to anyone in a similar position - I know I took enormous comfort from similar stories while that drip was in my arm and I could feel my baby moving inside me. It’s amazing what our bodies can tolerate and achieve.

Omg Jane!!! Massive Congratualations!!!
Im welling up thinking about you.
How was the bith? How are YOU??
Much love and light to you my dear.
Enjoy your baby moon! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

I’m really well thanks Tree!! Didn’t enjoy giving birth, hurt a bit!! My waters broke and they wanted to put me on a drip to start things off but I refused, and eventually after a lot of walking round the hospital grounds, she started moving. There were a lot of concerned doctors around trying to ‘manage’ me until I kind of asked them all to go away, and we did it with one midwife and OH, and the paed came in just as I pushed her out to check her over.

Thank god it’s over and she’s just glorious and I’m on such a high about being able to feed her, even if it is only for a couple of weeks.

Congratulations. Fantastic news. Best wishes to you, your wonderful baby girl and your OH. x

Huge congratulations Jane. It’s great news and how wonderful that you are feeding her,
Take care and best wishes to all your family,

Your birth sounds great (well they’re all painful) but to shoo away all the medling (well meaning) doctors, and NOT have her whilst connected to drip (I so understand that one!) is a real triumph!

Well done you! xx

Jane, that is such wonderful news. Thank you for posting as it’s lovely to hear it. Wow! After all you’ve been through, to have a beautiful, healthy baby - that must give a lot of hope to many women out there. Take care. elinda

Many congratulations. You must be delighted.

Jane, what a huge relief for you all. Congratulations on the wonderful news. All my boys were born before 32 weeks and have done really well. Enjoy your baby! X Tina

Love and congratulations to you. You didn’t tell us her name?

Jan x

Am delighted for you. Enjoy every minute. Thanks for posting such lovely news. Dxx

Hi Jane!

Think you’ve got two threads about your lovely new baby - I’ve posted to the other thread first then saw this one, so pls look at the other one too, as you might get more “Congratulations” comments on there too!

Really pleased to hear your news - well done!! xxxxx

Oh jane that is such fabulous news and you have really made my weekend. You have done so well and am so pleased your one breast is holding up for you! I hope you really enjoy this precious time with your family and both of your children now that you are a mum of two! Well done.

Jane I am sooooooo thrilled for you. Many, many congratulations.


All I can say is many, many congratulations.

Much love to you all xxxx


What brilliant news!

Congratulations and best wishes to you all.

Denise x

How fabulous - many congratulations! Any chance of a pic for your avatar?
finty x

What lovely news so pleased for you congratulations to all and best wishes,
Love Celia.x

Congratulations to you and your family, wonderful, lovely news!
Have you chosen a name yet?

Sandra x

Many many congratulation - wonderful and uplifting.
Love and best wishes to you and OH and your lovely little one ( good birth weight too !)

Angela x