Healthy Hints and Tips

There are a few discussions going on about healthy eating, herbal teas and supplements (Zena has a lot of experience with this!) ?, homeopathy etc. Thought it might be useful to start a thread where we can all share what information we have found with each other.

To kick off, I’ve been taking Manukka honey. It’s really expensive but my mum has been buying it and insisting that I take it! Penny sale at Holland and Barrett helps!

I’ve also read that turmeric and black pepper are good. I’ve invested in some ginger tea (good for nausea) with turmeric.

I know that these are only small things but it helps me to feel that I am trying to fight back a bit during all the waiting for treatment to start.

just to add to what LadyB & Patricia have said, there is also a lot of ‘quackery’ & ‘woo’ out there, so be very sceptical of anything claiming wonderful results especially if money is involved.
When it comes down to it, modern medicine & conventional treatments is the best we’ve got.
ann x

I agree Ann. I know that medical treatments are what are going to get us the end results. I’m an evidence based person and know there’s no substitute, you are so right. Alongside this I want to try and get myself as healthy and ready for the treatment as possible. My diet is appalling and for me, making a few positive changes will help me feel more positive.

Patriciamay, I have also heard that exercise is a great benefit. The last few yeas I’ve been a bit lazy in this department but am determined to do more. I find getting out for a walk with my pooch makes me feel a lot better. I was so worried post mastectomy that I wouldn’t be able to cope with her, she’s a very lively Beagle. Actually, she has turned out to be a great companion. I guess that’s another tip…pets can really help emotions. xx

yes Jo, I have increased my activity levels & feel much better for it.
Another thing I have found helpful is an app ‘Yoga Studio’ which has well explained & demonstrated yoga routines, including relaxation meditation, for all levels of ability. It is also well reviewed.

That’s good news Ann. I was wondering about doing yoga. One of my BC friends was asking if I wanted to join a group with her. My local hospice encourage mindfulness and meditation but I haven’t started any sessions with them yet. I love self-hypnosis hot anxiety though and use this at bed time. My sleep has improved.

Zena, loving the look of the lemon, honey and ginger! I will definitely be making some. I have thought about making soups too but can’t muster the enthusiasm.

Lovely to hear everyone’s positive comments and suggestions.



I love soup, but hate making it, so I bought a soup maker.  It’s absolutely brilliant (you still have to cook some ingredients) but then you chuck everything in the soup maker and you can set it to crunchy or liquid.  I think it was about £40.00 - best gadget buy ever, considering I’ve only used my juicer twice and is now an ornament in the back if the cupboard. ??

Oh I was wondering about a soup maker but didn’t know whether it would end up as an ornament! I will definitely consider getting one. For now I have bought some Tesco ‘fresh’ soup that I might spice up a bit.

IMG_0006.JPGI hve just ordered this hat from live better in black. What I like is the height, as I normally wear my hair in a bun. I didn’t put the black one on as it was a side view only.

I’ve also ordered onicolife drops for my nails (and cuticle moisturiser) as they advise to start using it before chemo and udder cream for my skin (Mum used this during her chemo and it was brill).

Just had an email from a friend to check out JANE PLANT … interesting if anyone wants to look her up . Recovered from breast cancer 5 times … ??

I’ve just had a look at Jane Plant’s story and also some of the books she’s written. Her theory certainly makes sense about dairy products, meat and hormones and it was something that has been on my mind. Incidentally, I hate milk and don’t drink it at all but I do have yoghurts and love cheese. I’m going to have a look at some of the recipes she suggests and give them a go.

This bra looks great - it’s from marks and Spencer’s mx range - it’s £ 25