heart beat

hi there
does anyone get strange beatings, especially at night? sometimes it misses a beat other times it races
having fasting bloods and ecg on monday them=n a 24hr ecg at home
gp said it could be result of tam but wanted to rule out everything else 1st
also i get very dizzy(have low bp) my friend has been seeing a chiropractor as she was getting so dizzy and the gp couldnt find why
she hasnt had one since
im going to see one next week for a free consult but i cant afford to do a course just a one off

i woke up in the early hours of this morning with a racing heart. felt a bit frightened. i also have low blood pressure and am on tamoxifen. just finished 20 rads this week but had’nt really connected any of these. perhap’s i should see my dr? i also keep waking up really short of breath, as if i’ve stopped breathing - horrible!
hope you get it sorted. we’ve got enough to cope with without anything else creeping up on us xxx

A few months ago (before BC) I woke in the night with my heart racing. It seemed to last for a few minutes. I saw my GP the next day and he sent me for an ECG (which I had the same day). The ECG was normal. I then read somewhere that heart palpitations can be a menopausal symptom (I am 53). I still get a few mild paliptations and I have mentioned it to both my surgeon and oncologist.My second ECG (for my pre-op) was also OK, so I just try to relax and put it down to hormones. I am also now having hormone therapy, but they are not any worse. So if you are on any hormone therapy it is likely to be a side effect.



Sometimes waking up through the night with palpitations can be anxiety. Particularly if you are surpressing it in day. I had some of this before chemo, and some chemo drugs can do it. But I don’t know about tamoxifen as my tumour is not hormone receptive. Dx

Hi Lincs Lady
I occasionally had a few problems with palpitations before I had FEC chemotherapy but since then they are a permanent feature of my life :frowning: I now have to take medication for them - along with everything else. If you check out palpitation - or arrhythmia to give it it’s proper name - on the internet it does give examples of what may cause it including excess alcohol, excess caffeine, chemotherapy, change in hormone level - all of which may apply :wink: It would be worth speaking to your Doctor about them if they become more frequent as, even when I know I suffer from them, my ECG will show as completely normal if I am not having a episode.

Has your chemo started your menopause? Palpitations can be experienced as one of the symptoms as well as hot flushes etc.
Jano x

I had my ‘first’ menopause when I had primary bc at 41 and this was chemically induced by Zoladex and, at the time, would have had a more severe effect on my hormone levels being younger, therefore I am sure this is directly linked to chemo. I unfortunately now have secondaries and the chemo was for those and am now definitely menopausal - for the second time! However the usual side effects of the menopause such as hot flushes are nowhere near as bad as the first time round as I was already peri menopausal by the time I had my chemo. I am aware that palpitations can happen during the peri-menopausal stage as well as menopausal stage by the drop in hormone levels but I think that many ladies do not know that chemotherapy can also cause them.