Heart problems with Herceptin

I have just posted about this on the Going Through Cancer threads. I think it might be more appropriate here as I haven’t had any replies yet. I don’t think I am unique so this is my problem (briefly as I only type with one finger !)

I am 76 diagnosed December 2017. Lobular,oestrogen negative, her +.

Had 12x Taxol and 14 Herceptin…stopped as EF had gone down to 32. Now taking Ramipril and Carvedilol for 6 months but no change …but Onco Cardiologist doesn’t want me to have a pacemaker as this is the second time I’ve had Ca Breast and I have no lymph nodes. So has anyone else had problems like these ? I feel a bit isolated really and

would be v grateful for any help. Thank you if there is anyone out there !

Hi Lavender, I’m just acknowledging your post and letting you know that someone is here listening to you. As no one has replied it’s possible that you are quite unique. Perhaps you might post in the ‘ask the nurses’ section. I know that once your LN have been removed then it does take much longer to heal. I’m due a knee replacement but not in any hurry as having invasive surgery would be a nightmare. I would need to come off cancer meds a good month before the op, and only go back on when the wound had healed. I’d be a basket case! Once the little cancer blighters are in the blood I’ve heard they get quite excited during operations and also stress isn’t helpful either. Hoping you get a reply soon. In the meantime I wish you well in your treatments. Good luck. ?

Hi lavender 

Are you being seen at The Brompton in London? There is an excellent cardio-oncology unit that was the 1st in the UK with a 1st rate cardio-oncologist in charge. If you are not I suggest you ask for a referral, if you are then they know what they are doing. I initially had an LVEF function of about 20 when I went to see them and after meds (that didn’t work) a cardioversion (which also didn’t work) I had a cardio ablation, which did work and I have had no problems since with my heart. All of the problems were caused by FEC chemo by the way. 
I joke that I’m their top guinea  pig as they tried it all on me! They really are the best although I know other units have sprung up in other areas of the country. All based on the need of cancer patients who suffer cardio problems from either the treatments or the cancer itself.


Hi Lavender

On Wednesday my Oncologist  stopped my Herceptin treatment I have had 12 out of 18 as my ER had dropped, he said my body need a rest I am 73 and was diagnosed with Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

ER positive and HER2 positive I had surgery and radiotherapy could not have Chemo because of other health problems he said it would make me too ill but I had to have Herceptin, 

I have mixed emotions at the minute and feel a bit deflated even though the treatments made me feel ill

I would have liked to finish the last 6 but he said definately not and was going to get in touch with the Cardiologist so heaven only know what will happen now

sending hugs to you