Heart Scan (echo)

I have just had my 3 monthly heart scan and it took ages. Does anyone know why they scanned my throat and abdomen? I know the aorta goes down the abdomen (my Dad’s got AAA) but I have never had that done before. I have been on Herceptin for 2yrs 5mths. Also I think my scan results will show my heart function has fallen below 50, I have been a bit breathless but I’ve also had a minging cold which broke on Friday. How long do they give your heart to ‘recover’?
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Funnily enough Jan, the same happened to me on my last Echo! It was after my 12th Herceptin and the radiologist scanned my upper chest/throat area. I asked why he was doing it and I said “for goodness sake don’t go finding anything else wrong with me”!!! He said he was checking my main artery (aorta) just as a matter of course and seemed surprised that none of the other radiologists had done so before.

Needless to day I was scared stiff that my next appointment with my Oncologist prior to Herceptin, would be bad news, as I felt the radiologist must have suspected some problem to scan my aorta. But there were no problems, and no changes to heart function, so the Herceptin went ahead as planned.

I just put it down to an over-zealous radiographer.

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Thanks for reply, looks like I’ll have to wait until I see onc (28 Jan.)
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Hi pipkins!

Maybe they did it because you have been on Herceptin for so long - 2yrs & 5 months! I thought it was only given for 1 year (and in some cases even less) because the good it does is sufficient at the end of a year. That’s what my onc told me - but hey I’m certainly no expert.

Just bumping this up. On the Herceptin threads everyone seems to be on it for a year or less…

Hi redders,
I did ask my onc. why I am still on Herceptin, I also thought normal practice was about 18 infusions (year). He said he wanted to keep me right and “if its not broke dont fix it” !! Another onc. I see occasionally said if any mets were diagnosed I would probably have more chemo which would then kick start Herceptin again so I get the feeling I’m on it for life!