heart scan

Going for a scan tomorrow. I had a scan before herceptin and it was 60 ? I have had three now so going for a 2nd tomorrow and really stressing about this as I am so afraid they will stop herceptin. Is there anything you can do to make sure heart is pumpin enough? Does walking help strengthen the heart muscle. Thanks in anticipation of answers love Eileen

Hi Eileen try not to stress about your muga scan you need to be calm my last scan was 60 also it had gone down from 73%.
I put this down to having the scan 2 days after the Herceptin next time i am having a scan i will make sure it is either same day or day before.I am having my 7th Herceptin at Christies to-morrow afternoon .Take care Linda

Hi to you both. I just got results of my second scan, down from 70 to 63%. Not sure what percentage of what but have been told I need another scan before my next Herceptin. Just had my sixth today. I must say I don’t like the idea of the drug damaging my heart although I am told that if you stop taking it the heart recovers. Anyway, take care, Maggie.

THANKS for replies. My scan must have been okay as the 4th herceptin was had at home on Friday. Still going to go walking though as am not at all fit after the year of treatment love Eileen

Apparently if your muga drops to around 50%, then Herceptin treatment may have to stop for a while. THe heart does recover & you would be able to go back to Herceptin. Anything over 60% is considered good heart muscle function, so I don’t think you need worry but do ask lots of questions of your cardiologist & onc. Cardio vascular exercise always good.

The nice lady who does my scans says that walking is the best exercise for the heart. It also makes me feel good in general, so every reason to keep on doing it.

I do a lot of riding and walking with my two horses but my heart still drops to 50% and i had to stop taking herceptin for a while which made me cross as I am excerising a lot anyway! anyway i have had herceptin today and will have a heartscan soon so fingers crossed as i want the treatment finished next spring…just hve to keep going + hope herceptin is good for me in the long term as well for you all too! judith x

Can anyone explain this to me? When I have my scan I have to strip to the waist, lie on a couch and have a male technician run his machine over me, a bit like a baby scan in a different place. Yet my colleague does not have to strip and has dye injected into her for her scan. Why do different hospitals have different methods?

Just had my 7th Herceptin today. Only 11 more to go, but whose counting? Then will think about reconstruction.

Cheers to you all, M xx

Funny you should mention about having dye injected. I’ve just been for my echo today, 6 months into herceptin treatment (stripped to the waist etc.) The technician said I’m difficult to scan and wasn’t getting very good pictures. She’s going to speak to the cardiologist as it may be necessary to go back and have the dye injected as that will give them a much better picture of the outline of the heart.

I’ve read on this site about people getting Muga scans instead of echoes, so I asked about them today. They are much more expensive but are apparently more accurate. Doesn’t sound as though they’re done in my area though, so will have to carry on relying on the echoes.

Hi everybody

Came across this thread, I’ve just had my third echo, not through Herceptin, but checking that chemo hasn’t affected my heart. Initially it was 60% but now down and I’ve been put on Ramipril. I’ve got to go back in two weeks again, I’m hoping that this is a temporary thing, but not so sure. Was glad to be over the chemo, but now bit worried about my heart!!


i am nearly finished with my herceptin, i have 2 left to have.

i was having echos every 3 months, stripped to waist however back in july they picked up a leaking heart valve,
and my heart had dropped from starting rate of 50 to 41 so i was taken off herceptin for 6 weeks,
and had to see cardio dr, he aranged for me to have heart MRIs instead of echos,
as my heart score wasnt as low as the echo had said it was.
i’ve had one and am expecting another soon.

try not to get too worried about your tests you’ll be fine.