Right, that’s it … I’m fed up of Heartburn for the 2 or 3 days after EC and the hot flushes seem to be a permanent thing now… I don’t like to moan, cos I know so many of you have it so much worse … but does anyone have anything to recommend for either please …

Heartburn - see your GP and get prescribed something like lansoprazole or omeprazole. They usually work within 3 days. You will need to say you want them for the duration of your chemo otherwise they might just say try it for a month and then stop.

They work far, far better than any antacid such as gaviscon etc.

take care, elinda x

The Aloe-gel that you drink has helped my heartburn - enabled me to cut down to 1 Lansoprozole a day… yes - see GP for that… worth it… it works! Good luck Jane

Lansoprazole did the trick for me- only needed one per day. As Elinda said ask for enough for the duration of your chemo. My hospital gave them to me. xx

I’ve got Omeprazole and they’re awesome. They worked immediately. I didn’t have them for my first 2 chemos and only really suffered when I ate before bedtime and there were a few times I almost had to sleep sitting upright as otherwise it felt like acid was sliding down my throat. I didn’t even think to bring it up with the hospital as I was just so pleased that I wasn’t getting the awful side effects of sore mouth, being sick, being constipated etc. However, they’ve been brilliant and means I can drink lots of smoothies and juices with acidic fruits in them!!


Cant believe it i was just gonna put a post on about heartburn. I wasnt sure if it was a side effect or not. Hot drinks are really hard work for me!! Thanks for the advise girls on this thread.Sorry to hijack it but is anyone suffering really heavy periods. Mine started 2days after my first chemo and was really heavy. Then it went away nkw its come back. Take care everyone love Sharon xx

I was getting a bit of heartburn and the pharmacist at the hospital prescribed ranitidine to take twice a day. He told me to take it whether i had heartburn or not, and it’s worked for me. He did say if it didnt work there were other stronger mediations available.

Would be interested to hear of any solutions for the hot flushes - i get them the first couple of days after FEC and have heard that it’s a side effect of Tamoxifen as well :frowning: Lynne x

Me too with the hot flushes please. I had my menopause about 6 years ago so I knew it couldn’t be that.
I’ve been lucky enough so far no to experience heartburn.

Thanks everyone for messages about Heartburn … strange but havent suffered with it tonight … just growing pains in my legs (guess thats the Neulasta) and the hot flushes … !

I had hot flushes throughout my hormone treatments. I found the easiest thing was to just ride through them - invested in a fan for the bedroom and lots of babywipe packs to wipe yourself down with. You can buy a Chillow Pillow but I never bothered with that… It’s like a cool gel pack you can put in your pillowcase and it isn’t COLD but can chill you down a little. Apparently anti-depressants can help too from your doctor, but if you’re already getting so many chemicals pumped into your system, do you really need another?

Hope this helps anyone!

J xxxx

I used a chillow when I got hot flush type things with my periods (bad fibroids, PCOS etc) and it really really helped. They warm up though, so you do wake up in the middle of the night with it but it helps get you to sleep.

I’m planning on having 2 in rotation, 1 on and 1 on standby :wink:

They do a Chillow Plus now which is bigger and useable on both sides, you can used it was a body wrap too. I’ve found mine better than the original chillow and seems to stay colder for longer.

Cotton Bedding as well is a must, no synthetic sweaty fibers. Invest in quality bedding with a good thread count, 400+, pricy but washes really well and dries well and is so much cooler.

If you don’t want a noisy fan then apparently the Dyson AIR fans are good, quiet and distribute the cool air better without a breeze that could annoy OH who is NOT having hot flushes.

Angie - I had bad heartburn with EC (naturally, as I get ALL the SEs as you may have noticed, ahem.)

I got Lansoprazole, didn’t work, then got Omeprazole and it did.

Mine was worse at night by far, because I was lying down. A friend said to me to sleep propped up with a v shaped pillow, she had to do this at the end of her pregnancy as she had horrific nightime indigestion adn couldnt sleep until she started sleeping sat up.

That worked wonders at night, not comfiest position normally but a godsend with heartburn.

It’s not pleasant is it xxx

Seems more intermittent today … and didn’t get it in bed last night but then only slept a couple of hours! Thanks for everyone’s suggestions …

Firm believer in “Prazoles”