Heavy bleeding in between periods

I want to apologise that this topic is not to do with breast cancer, but as we are mostly women on this site, I would very much like some information. I am approaching the menopause, not on any meds and have had the period from hell. Without being too graphic, it has been ongoing like a tap for about three weeks. I had the Mirena fitted, but that got swept away about three days after and my GP has given my 5mg progesterone to help stem the bleeding, to no avail. I haven’t got any infection and have never had anything like this before.

I would like to ask - is the normal or should I be worried and what treatments has anyone had that have worked. I know about endometrial ablation, but am tempted to go straight for a hysterectomy/oophrectomy to get it all done and dusted as in my humble opinion, these organs are just something else that can become cancerous. My GP is very understanding and I am sure will push for whatever I want, within reason. Am I over-reacting?

I had an oopherectomy (very easy painless day-patient op) and am so pleased I did. I’d always struggled with very heavy periods and was relieved that I didn’t have to deal with that misery on top of all the cancer treatment. If you are ER+ then ask them for it - and explain how debilitating your periods and excess bleeding are. Maybe a full hyst is overkill and would take some getting over - but the ooph was simple painless keyhole surgery for me.

Hi Cathy
Just about to leave work but will pm you later as I went through VERY heavy periods last August - details later!!!
M x