Heavy periods/Tamoxifen

Been on Tamoxifen since January 2008 and had 2 periods so far. But on Thursday I had a massive bleed and landed up at the Drs being given some pills to stop the bleed. (It really was a heavy bleed-superplus tampax useless!) He has referred me to a Gynae in case this is a symptom of cancer of the endometrium. Not too worried as probably not been on Tamoxifen for long enough for anything sinister to have occured.
Has anyone else had unusual or heavy bleeding whilst on Tamoxifen?
Was really hoping I would just stop! I’m 48 and pre-menopausal BTW.

Love Gill x

Hi Gill,

I’ve been on tamoxifen for 15 months and have a very regular and heavy monthly bleed. I too was hoping it would stop. My consultant and the onc don’t seem too concerned and just said some women stop, others are irregular and some carry on with periods. I just think about all the oestrogen flying around my body! By the way I’m 46 and pre menopausal.

Hope you get sorted.

Shorty xx

Periods have been really erratic on tamoxifen. Have been on it for two and a half years now. Periods were about every three months and pretty heavy, then nothing for eight months! They came back at the beginning of this year, a couple of really light ones then in april the monster of all periods, extremely heavy, superplus tampons plus pads only lasting about an hour each time. This went on for 20 days! I was referred to gynae and had an ultrasound, hysteroscopy and d&c in may. Biopsies done, nothing sinister found. Now had my first period after d&c, has still been very heavy for about 7 days, has tailed off but is still going, albeit lightly 13 days later. I’ve got a follow up in august so don’t know what they will suggest then. Tamoxifen sure does some weird things to your body and needs keeping an eye on.